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  1. 2022 February - Monthly Horoscope

    In Monthly Horoscopes

    It's important to read the predictions for your rising sign, too. Even more accurate than your sun sign! February 2022 promises to be much calmer than the previous one. On...

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  2. Full Moon Rituals

    In Astro Advice

    If on the new moon we feel a lack of energy, on the full moon it is the other way around. This excess of energy tends to be manifested by...

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  3. Full Moon January 2022

    In Forecasts

    The Full Moon of January 18, 2022 impacts all astrological signs.  The moon is the closest celestial body to Earth, the average distance being 384,400 km, with not very large...

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  4. Russia - Ukraine War - Astrology Forecast

    In Forecasts

    WILL RUSSIA INVADE UKRAINE? Although the build-up of troops near the borders - about 100,000 troops - leads NATO and US military strategists to believe that the Kremlin is planning...

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  5. Texts you should never send zodiac signs

    In Fun Astrology

    ARIES - I said be patient, I'll call you back!!! TAURUS - We're running out of food. GEMINI - I'm at your door earlier :))

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