2020 Iran U.S. War or World War 3 Astrology Forecast

I am sure we are all concerned about the tension between Iran and U.S after the last events. Is there any possibility of war between Iran and USA?

When doing an astrology prediction concerning a war, we should focus on war indicators through astrology archetypes: Mars, Saturn, Jupiter, North node and Neptune. In particular Lilith's natal position in US natal charts seems extremely sensitive when it comes to war pretexts. This indicates that the context could be manipulated, staged, tricky, behind the mask, as we know Lilith is not always what it seems. Of course, media takes a huge role nowadays in war events and sometimes it becomes Lilith's vassal, with or without host's knowledge/intention.

But let's first take a look at the most recent wars U.S. was involved in and some interesting indicators:

2003 Iraq War

  • March 17, 2003 ( the day of Iraq invasion), Pluto at 19 Sagittarius is exact square with US natal Lilith; transiting Lilith was in sesquisquare (135 degrees) with its natal position.

2001 WTC towers attack

  • September 11, 2001, transiting Mercury is conjunct US natal Saturn.
  • Transiting Sun is conjunct US natal Lilith.
  • Transiting Lilith conjunct progressed Mercury and sesquisquare progressed Mars
  • Solar Arc progressed Lilith is sesquisquare US natal Lilith

1991 Iraq War

  • Transiting Lilith is in square with natal Lilith
  • Progressed Lilith in exact square with natal Sun

1964 Vietnam War

  • Transiting Lilith in opposition with US natal Mars
  • Progressed Lilith exactly conjunct progressed Mars and exactly square progressed Moon

1941 Pearl Harbor

  • Transiting North Node conjunct the Lilith

1898 War with Spain

  • Transiting Lilth was in square with natal Lilith
  • Transiting Mars in sesquisquare with natal Lilith


Now back to our days, you probably know we're getting ready for the big Saturn-Pluto conjunction. This conjunction will perfect at 23 degrees of Capricorn on January 12, 2020. This astrological event that occurs only once every 33 - 38 years, so we live it only twice or possibly three times in our lifetimes.

A conjunction blends the qualities of the planets involved and makes their combined energy in the particular sign intense. If the planets get along, it's a great aspect, full of potential, but if the planets don't get along then being trapped in the same sign together can amplify the dark feels.

When Saturn and Pluto meet, their proximity announces a period of intensified tension, constraint, and division in collective events. Saturn represents societal structures while Pluto is the surgery that removes ill, dysfunctional patterns and forms. Thus we can expect new forms and foundational elements in their place.

In combination, Saturn and Pluto bring necessary confrontations with cultural issues we can no longer deny or resist. Saturn is the old, established foundation, Pluto is the new, the reborn foundation. Just picture the two of them together conjunct. Will Pluto dominate and win? Will Saturn resist the need for change? Saturn represents wisdom. If the foundation is built on thin ice, if the "rules/tradition" no longer serves the society, it will make room for Pluto. It is a good time to observe if we did well or if we need to change something. But if both sides are strong, huge tension and even wars are foreseen.

In 1914 Pluto was at 0 degrees Cancer. Saturn joined in with a conjunction at the same point at the end of July 1914. The World War 1 started.

25 years later, the 2nd World War began again started by the same two planets, although not conjunct. Pluto moved into Leo in 1939 and Saturn was in exact square aspect to it on September 1st when it started. We know the 2nd World War was caused by the rise of one man, Adolf Hitler, and - coincidence or not - Pluto and Saturn were in exact aspect to Hitler’s Sun and Ascendant at the time.


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