2022 February - Monthly Horoscope

It's important to read the predictions for your rising sign, too. Even more accurate than your sun sign!

February 2022 promises to be much calmer than the previous one.

On February 4, Mercury resumes direct motion and thus we no longer have planets in retrograde motion in the sky.

The fact that Mercury is relegating to Capricorn, where Venus is also returning directly, helps us a lot to set clear goals and build strategies to achieve them.

From February 14, Mercury returns to Aquarius and we will start thinking in an original way and this will help us make plans for the future.

On February 1 we have a New Moon in the sign of Aquarius, an important moment that brings surprises and upheavals in our lives.

On the other hand, on February 16, a Full Moon is formed in the sign of Leo, which announces that certain situations in our lives have reached maturity. We'll reap the rewards and end that chapter.

On February 18, the Sun enters the sign of Pisces and the moon ends in softer and gentler energy.



Fire Signs

Fire signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) have several advantages in February. Lucky natives will benefit from new things, learn and try to outdo themselves. February's karmic horoscope brings interesting news for the fire signs. Aries feel better positioned at work and have more and more voice in crisis situations. They will feel a strong wave of vitality, vigour, intention and motivation that can help them solve problems. Leos are also well-regarded at work, and can even be promoted. They have many personal choices to make, and this time they will decide. Sagittarians have also been in the spotlight since the first day of February. They have a lot to gain if they continue on the path they started at the beginning of the year.

Water Signs

Water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) are the most sensitive, intuitive and generous of all. They make new friends in February. Cancers are more open to new collaborations, and their advice is in high demand. Scorpios have a great month, they are driven by emotions because they are on positive karma in love. Water signs are deeply involved in a love affair and are convinced to family members. Pisces is also experiencing beneficial changes in February. Water natives manage to recover after a long period of trouble. They'll be fine with the money.

Earth Signs

Earth signs have strong, well-defined personalities, with beautiful features and qualities especially appreciated by all the signs of the zodiac. Earth signs are the most rational, practical, and stable of all. In February, the earth signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn) start on some initiatory paths. These natives will be inclined to questions of spirituality, philosophy, all the things they have so far ridiculed. Earth signs are the most pragmatic. The bulls claim certain rights and do it reasoned, calmly, giving up the characteristic aggressive tone. Virgos read a lot and are even taught new trades. Capricorns also make money from dry stones. They change the principles they have been guided by so far and everything goes according to plan.

Air Signs

The air signs (Gemini, Aquarius, Libra) have an atypical moon. Aquarius is the most favoured and successful in all respects. Gemini may still have image problems. The scales end up in some family conflicts.

2022 February Horoscope for each sign


The horoscope for February 2022 comes with excellent news for Aries natives. The beginning of the year brings you only a few good emotional chances. The stars say that you are more than ready to enter a new relationship and forget about the old feelings that have been crushing you for so long. You will also make major changes in your diet and lifestyle. It's the perfect time to start the sport you've always wanted.

It should be a better winter month than January, with a positive mood that will reassure you and give you hope. For this, you need introspection. Children and elderly relatives will need some attention. If you prioritize and formulate your wishes correctly, you have the chance to implement your ideas successfully on all levels. As a result, you will feel a strong surge of vitality, vigour, intention, and motivation.

From the first days of February, you will get rid of anxieties, doubts and fears. The work processes of this period will require you to take responsible steps and make bold decisions. The feeling of inner freedom and unlimited possibilities will contribute to the bright manifestations of creative potential, talent and professionalism. You will act on the outcome, without insisting on past disappointments and mistakes, unfounded criticism, or other annoying factors. In the meantime, try not to talk about plans, commitments, and successes over the entire period.

Not everyone will strive to support your initiatives and efforts, but on the contrary, there will be envious and secret competitors. If tensions arise, the best course of action, in this case, is a sense of tact, patience, and emotional restraint. In other words, don't add straw to the fire!


This month will be one of personal success. The horoscope of February 2022 brings you love, luck and decision-making power. You will no longer think about feelings and act objectively, now that you have learned how to handle each situation. When it comes to relationships, the stars guarantee your success, because since January you have had a lot to learn. The beginning of the year continues with emotional changes.

There comes a time when you will have to demonstrate leadership qualities, a lot of ambition, but at the same time, you will have to look for ways to bring balance in the family in the face of your focus on professional growth. You will want to expand, explore hitherto unknown areas, travel and deepen your knowledge.

You will act at first a little illogically for others, with courage and a bit more unusual than usual, and this will surprise many. Even so, relationships with colleagues, friends, partners can be very helpful and fruitful, as those around you will provide all the support and backing.

Affectively, you will look for perfection, you will be demanding, and potential partners will become fearful. If you are single and really want a relationship, you will need to lower your expectations. The full moon will bring uncertainty in mid-February, difficulties you do not expect and all your momentum will slow down. The problems will be minor, but they will require immediate attention. In fact, the position of the stars also recommends a break, and the Full Moon is suitable for restoring energy balance. The subsequent reward for relaxation will be a sense of self-confidence.


Gemini natives will have many personal opportunities. The stars will line up, and the February 2022 horoscope will help you implement your plans. You will do everything in your power to give up the toxic people in your life and focus on your personal needs, now more than ever. Don't give up and don't get carried away when the temptations are near. Be gentler with yourself, but try not to get trampled on. Also, take care of your loved ones, they are with you for better or worse. The family will always be your support, no matter what your needs are.

Your desire is to change something, to try something new, another direction at least in one area of ​​life or even if the same interest remains, the chosen methods will be different! Introspection will help you and I advise you from now on to go to the sectors of love, relationships, finance or professional development.

The foreign area is becoming energetically active. However, when travelling, you need to be vigilant and cautious, as they may be overshadowed by unpleasant events, unexpected difficulties, force majeure, and legal issues. If necessary, it is best to consult with specialists in advance, thus avoiding a number of difficulties that can turn into serious legal issues.

Significant professional changes are expected in the latter part of the month, when a lucky combination of circumstances, sudden situations, chance encounters or acquaintances will have an active influence on your future. You may then need previously acquired and unused skills or some may need to reactivate long-abandoned developments and projects. The latter will again become relevant and reasonable. Regarding health, there will be risk and vulnerability, so you do not have to increase physical activity and make the movements very careful.


The February horoscope begins with small personal problems that will be resolved in the second half of the decade. Groups of friends are starting to be the same as they used to be, and you have to respect the decisions of the people around you. The stars advise you to keep toxic people away and focus on what is most important, the well-being of your soul. Even if the future looks uncertain at the moment, this does not scare you, keep going. Your overflowing personality will help you meet your chosen one in the first part of the month.

There is a time for introspection because you have a lot to meditate on. The period will be suitable for self-study and the development of creativity, ie the expansion of the intellectual horizon. Work to improve physical fitness will also be effective. The energy potential is considerably reduced, chronic fatigue, lack of vitality and problems with the immune system can occur. You need to take care of yourself and your health. Affectively, single people can meet someone who will draw their attention and interest them.

It would be better not to skip steps in such situations, but to be patient so as not to scare your potential partner. Financially, you will have to put a lot of effort into dealing with crowdfunding, common property issues, sometimes investing not only extra strength but also money. If you can't handle it, seek expert advice from specialists. Travel abroad or the relationship with a foreigner are not excluded for the extension of professional, business or scientific ties. Such initiatives will be the starting point for gaining a high social position, intellectual development, self-esteem and authority.

The third decade is interesting in terms of a personal life because relationships with partners will develop dynamically and in a positive way.


For Leos natives, the February 2022 horoscope comes with several tips from a personal and professional point of view. It seems that this sign will be affected in the first part of the month on a personal level, but it will recover slightly towards the end of this period. The stars say it is not a good time for any kind of transaction. Try to spend with your head and everything will turn out the way you want. Weigh each decision made in your relationship with your boyfriend and don't be influenced by the voices around you. You have the greatest power and only you can tell when you need to stop.

The area of ​​relationships and partnerships will be challenging for you, so you'll need to find ways to speak the same language with others. Plus be aware that the other person is not always the culprit or is wrong. An exception may be the first 10 days when they are favourable for organizing festive events, parties and weddings.

Such events will contribute to emotional diversity, will bring welcome news into everyday life, especially when it comes to the overflowing routine of family life. Also, focus on current business, old commitments, building relationships with employees, and expanding useful connections.

Maybe the chance will come to lay a solid foundation for a long-term business partnership or a joint creative activity. But beware of documents because mistakes made in completing them can lead to negative financial consequences! Only a practical approach will prevail in business, it will help the rational use of available resources and the achievement of objectives.

On the contrary, in the second half of the month, you will have to pay off arrears, give money back, redo work and make mistakes. Medically, consider the symptoms because neglecting them can complicate them. Remember that sport will help you tone your body!


The horoscope of February 2022 brings you new ways to develop harmonious relationships with those around you, especially with people of the opposite sex. If you are single and want to start a relationship, half of this decade is perfect for this kind of idea. Although you have many problems at work, you prefer to postpone them and focus on the personal part of your life. In the first part of the month, you will receive some offers that you will hardly refuse. Be careful what you wish it would accomplish.

From the first days of the month, you will be moving towards the labour sector. It's just that the excess of demand will not only concern others but also you, generating discomfort and tension. Education can also be a priority for you or your children. In fact, the knowledge gained can be useful not only in business but also as an opportunity for a romantic connection. As a condition, I can't say that you will feel shiny, because a lot of pressure is on your shoulders, you feel tired and lacking in energy.

In addition, the momentum with which you take on as many tasks as possible, although at first, you are excited, you will find that along the way you find them more and more difficult. From the middle of the month you start to have some results, some in the form of financial gains, others for the successful implementation of creative ideas. Maybe you should go out more often, participate in cultural and entertainment events, keep your energy balance at the right level, and harmonize your health with positive emotions.

The last 10 days are good for interaction with superiors, business meetings and negotiations, for concluding contracts, travel, including debut meetings and love affairs.


February brings you closer to your dear friends you haven't seen in a long time. You had many beautiful moments with them and you missed feeling an innocent pleasure. The horoscope for February 2022 says that now is the time to sit at home and eliminate your toxic relationships from life. The stars say that this month you will be able to strike and be who you really want. You are an air sign determined on his future. After deliberating for a long time, it's time to put your foot down.

It seems that a month is coming in which effort and work could pay off. The problem would be if you just want to have fun and relax! Of course, homework and work assignments will require attention, and ignoring them can lead to conflicts with loved ones and difficulties in teamwork.

For most of the month, you will be completely absorbed in social or professional activities, while trying to solve the problems of children, close relatives and a lot of household chores. The annoying hustle and bustle will make it difficult to prioritize, all at the last minute. Even so, a clear set of objectives, plans and tasks in early February becomes very necessary.

Starting with the second half of the month, the energies are still on a peaceful path, and you will then assume the usual activities and responsibilities. This will bring you success and well-deserved rewards. Favourable trends are also expected in the financial sector. Revenue growth will be interconnected with negotiations, travel, communication and relationships. There is the possibility of new knowledge, but most likely it will be a passing novel.


The horoscope of February 2022 says that you have to put an order in your daily life, but also in your soul. Try to mobilize and carry out your plans, you will be proud of yourself. If you manage to do everything you set out to do until the middle of the month, you will have enough energy to continue at this fast pace. It all depends on your decision-making power and the fact that you don't want to get carried away.

Many of you will feel the need for changes in your financial situation. The desire to earn more is welcome, but for that, you need to have a clear plan, and that doesn't necessarily mean career growth. You may even need to look for additional resources in case you lose your job.

At the end of the month, chances are you'll have a clear idea of ​​where and how to go next. There will be tensions or worries in the family regarding relatives or children, and at the same time, there may be damage to the home. However, there is a time when running away from responsibility is not the answer and you have to deal with it on many fronts.

Be very careful because there is a tendency to retaliate against anything, to take everything too personally, to inflame yourself too quickly without thinking! Constructive dialogues will come naturally only in the last week of the month. Some of you tend to build or prolong an existing but promiscuous relationship. It's not for you, don't confuse love with animal instinct!


Sagittarians will undergo major changes. February's horoscope finds them stronger than ever, but this will confuse the people around them and they will feel inferior. Don't try to maximize your energy, just because your loved ones don't know how to appreciate it. Learn to say what you have in mind, no matter how hard it may be. You need to take care of yourself, just as you do with the person next to you. Stop postponing the things you like. Now is the time to STOP negative things and try to do more and more positive things for your well-being.

Relationships, communication, the resumption of older projects, the demonstration of skills already learned, all these will keep the front page of February for you. You will need to move, inform, sort and transmit the information correctly. In the career, there may be changes in the business environment, staff changes or new responsibilities.

If at the beginning of the period the events will take place rather chaotically, towards the end of the month it will be proved that nothing is accidental, because the opportunity of a new order in your life will be shown. I draw your attention to your tendency to rush and impulsiveness for the moment, to a possible inconsistency in doing your job, and they will all irritate others. By mid-February, you have opened the way for long trips, well-travelled exams, organizational activities, interviews, negotiations, or important meetings.

Financially, however, do not expect substantial gains above the usual ones, on the contrary, I recommend good management of expenses. Even affectivity is not on top of priorities now, no matter how much you want it. New acquaintances and new relationships are possible, but they will be fleeting and will leave a bitter taste of disappointment. You better avoid getting involved! In terms of health, pay attention to the sitting position because back pain is not excluded!


In February you will have to make difficult decisions in your personal life, which will bring you a freedom that you have not felt for a long time. Seek the power within you and you will feel happier than ever. Those who really care about you will appreciate your sincerity, toxic people will ask you questions. Try to make a difference. Try to take more care of your health in the second half of the month, because you may need detailed check-ups. The February 2022 horoscope says you should make an important decision. Find out what it's all about!

The professional sector also occupies the first place in your concerns, at least in the first 16 days of the month. You will analyze your financial situation and maybe take precautions, savings, hoarding because you know very well what security a solid material base can offer. In this way, you will be able to demonstrate your talents, knowledge and skills, thus paving the way for attracting investment, sponsorships, profitable contracts and promising projects. In the second half of the month, you will be able to pay off your debts.

For those who do not run a business but are employees, I suggest that they look for additional sources of income in advance because they will need it. You should rely on the support of others, seek advice because relevant information can be very important for prosperity and will indicate a shorter and safer way to find what you need. The emotional sector is also important. You can have unexpected encounters, you can fall in love, you can quickly develop new relationships, some even extraordinary connections.

The idea is that if you want something beautiful over time, you need your involvement. Besides, nothing falls from the sky. As for health, I recommend giving up bad habits and habits, reviewing how you eat and finding ways to strengthen your immune system.


Aquarius natives will try to get rid of everything that hurts them, even if it means getting rid of some of the thoughts that crushed them in January. February 2022 horoscope suggests you take more care of yourself, but do not forget your loved ones. Don't let this period pass without putting your thoughts in order. Be the one to set the tone when a leader is needed.

I would characterize February as one in which you want to change in many areas, but you feel tired and weak. You are already tired of the tensions related to the profession, and the potential to keep arranging your personal life no longer satisfies you. Even in a couple or family relationship, you are not in a hurry and you seem to want withdrawal, loneliness, introspection. Do not make the situation worse, but better to explain directly to your partners that you want moments to be alone, only you with you for a while.

Yes, you need a time to recharge your batteries and then actively rebuild yourself. The first half of the month favours this, but also the arrangements and rearrangements in the house. Financially, you will have some luck in the first decade of the month, but there is also the risk of spending on your own whims, which I would not tell you.

The second half of the last month of winter no longer favours the small chances because there will be unplanned expenses or losses. In the last 4 days, you can have childish behaviour, as a result, tensions can arise. It would also not rule out an unforeseen situation, as a result of which you rush off on a road trip. Medically, there will most likely be no special health issues. However, much will depend on your state of immunity.


Pisces natives no longer have to put so much pressure on their own strengths. The February 2022 horoscope says that no one was born so strong that he could do them all on his own. Learn to ask for help when you need it. In the second half of the month, you will have to make a professionally important decision. Choose with your heart, but also with your mind.

In order to do things and achieve your goals, the best time is towards the end of the month. Of course, in the beginning, there is not enough astral energy to favour your steps. It would be best to simply go with the flow, without wasting extra effort on new projects.

It will be easy to resolve your connections, to discover who your true friends and enemies are, to free yourself from past promises, unfulfilled obligations, and debts. Some restrictions and delays in current affairs will be gradually overcome, and the attitude of your close friends, partners, bosses will become more benevolent towards you. In relationships with loved ones you do not have to impose your opinion, the key to success is diplomacy and compromise.

Mutual understanding is easier to find on the basis of common interests. After the 24th, the situation will become more favourable for health and vitality. At this point, nothing can interfere with the realization of creative ideas, and loyal people with similar thoughts will help you with common plans, projects, and endeavours. This is a good time to contact your boss with constructive suggestions or requests, and if you're not an employee, I suggest productive communication with potential partners to start a new business.

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