Afghanistan - Astrology Predictions

As you already know, between August 15 and 16, the Taliban took over Afghanistan. 

When this happened two major planets were in retrograde motion - Jupiter and Saturn - with Saturn opposing the Sun.

Transiting Jupiter and Saturn's conjunction create a big impact on the political scene. This planet will be in conjunction again in September 2021 so we may assist yet another major event that will impact the political news all over the world. Possibly still related to Afghanistan.

The Taliban are trying to portray a democratic aura around them, even though, when asked about women’s role in the professional area, their answer was “all the rights under Sharia law”; so let’s not be fooled, that's where maximum freedom goes to. And their true colours will be even more visible in 2022 when four major planets change their signs. 

Why Afghanistan hasn’t been and will never be controlled


Monday, August 14, 1747, 12:00 PM



Kandahar (Afghanistan)



21°01' Leo


14°40' Scorpio



0°22' Sagittarius


20°08' Leo



Scorpio, Leo, Sagittarius

Sun, Pluto, Mars

Houses 1, 10, 9 / Fire, Water / Fixed


Birth Path 5

14th of August, 1747 is the date for the Afghanistan chart. Afghanistan has never been kind of defeated per se, it wasn't defeated by Alexander the Great, by the mighty British Empire, by the Soviet empire, or by the Americans. Everyone who's gone in there hasn't been able to control it. It’s easy to see why - Mars and Pluto in the first house in Scorpio, with the Sun in its own sign of Leo.

We know that religion dominates in Afghanistan, and their culture is to elevate men to the leaders in the society; this is reflected by the sun, the masculine energy of Leo. Also, Scorpio rising shows an incredible controlling country, patriarchal, traditional, totalitarian. They will certainly never follow the progressive agenda, no matter how hard civilized democratic countries will try to impose.

Of course, with Moon in Sagittarius and Venus & Neptune in the 9th House of Religion, the country is dominated by these dogmatic, delusional, paranoid dangerous, horrific religious beliefes, 

Neptune, the illusion causing delusion

Remember the astrological position of Kabul and transit for Afghanistan. The modern Constitution of Afghanistan was approved on 4th January 2004 with Mars in exact trine to Kabul’s 11 degrees Sagittarius coordinate from 11 degrees in Aries. This sounds good apparently, but Neptune occupied the half sum between Mars and Kabul at 11 degrees Aquarius. Neptune is right from the start, an indicator of the illusion all these premises have been built upon. 

There's a saying in my country that you can't help an old woman to cross the street if she doesn't want to. This is a very delicate subject that surely cannot be covered in a random article over the internet, but we must understand one thing. Since the beginning of time, we have gathered in groups so we can survive. to maximize our potential and our chances of living, we had to be united in a single voice, the leader's voice. We had to be united in following the same rules that were best for our tribe to overcome the hardships. That made us as a community similar in terms of mentalities, principles, values, goals, expectations and even biologically speaking, similar in terms of biological needs, food, shelter, climate and so on.

Tribes, communities,  nations have formed accordingly all over planet Earth based on this aspect, whether we want to neglect this or not,  whether we want to dismiss this or not.

We live in different times now, we can now travel across the globe within days not years, we can now exchange commercial affairs all over the planet instantly, we can now study everywhere we want, we get to understand and observe other cultures - possibly with opposite values from what we have grown within our community - to sum up, we kind of exist in the best times humanity could live in.

But there's something we seem to forget about the basics and the foundation upon which nations have formed. The Natural Instinct of Survival by Gathering in Communities And The Logical Effect Of Evolving In The Same Energy

What's happening now is that evolved nations or at least evolved from a  democratic point of view,  are trying to raise their energy upon less democratic countries where religious views and narrow-minded mentalities have stagnated the frequency and the vibration of their members. I do not want to sound entitled and as I said this is a very delicate subject that should be managed carefully without causing or without the risk of causing hatred between communities.  But we cannot be politically correct, close our eyes and pretend that a religion that enslaves women and doesn’t acknowledge their role in our today’s society other than hard physical work and baby factory holds high spiritual and moral values. 

Neptune is the indicator that although the intention was good it was too idealistic and too ambitious to be truly completed for such absurd mentalities.  We’re no hypocrites, we all know why NATO troops occupied Afghanistan, we know that fighting Isis was the engine that took the leaders to this decision but at the same time  I truly believe that these democratic organizations actually wanted to leave their marks on Afghan society. Western groups really tried to help them grow, to expand their views upon the world, upon freedom, upon individual rights and freedom of simply existing by respecting and valuing every human being. No matter the sex, age, religious views.

Now, what happened when the United States announced their withdrawal? [...]

It's only interesting to see how the leaders of the so-called civilized countries will manage Afghan immigrants for their best interest and future elections.

My Personal Future Predictions

  • The Taliban will have no opposition.
  • Afghanistan is basically handed to China by the western countries. China knows how to use its opportunities at their maximum potential.
  • China and Russia will recognize the new Government formed in Afghanistan and their connection will go strong. China will be able to dominate the planet by having access to everything that’s there.

With the U.S. withdrawal, Beijing can offer what Kabul needs most: political impartiality and economic investment,” Zhou Bo, who was a senior colonel in the People’s Liberation Army from 2003 to 2020, wrote in an op-ed in the New York Times over the weekend. “Afghanistan, in turn, has what China most prizes: opportunities in infrastructure and industry building — areas in which China’s capabilities are arguably unmatched — and access to $1 trillion in untapped mineral deposits.”

  • On a side note, the Chinese actually benefit from the taxpayers that funded Afghanistan in the last 20 years.
  • There’s going to be masses of refugees, but that is really not something hard to predict. This will destabilize Europe and America. No surprise that the immigrants will not be willing to assimilate the new modern culture, language, behaviour but will try to impose theirs instead. The Government will take advantage of this new and less educated population for their own agenda. Charity at the expense of hard-working taxpayers will be the norm, but it’s nothing that we haven’t seen yet.


We @G7 leaders all agree that it is our moral duty to help the Afghan people & provide as much support as conditions allow. We discussed evacuations, immediate humanitarian aid, longer-term development aid and scenarios for refugees in need of protection.

— Ursula von der Leyen (@vonderleyen) August 24, 2021

In September/October the economical crises can no longer be hidden; it’s interesting to see if there will be a false pretext for another war created or simply another series of lockdowns all over again.

Mercury’s retrograde during Oct 2021 forces us to get back to unsolved issues or stagnant tensions rising again.

I see internal wars between Taliban leaders.

I see no fundamental change will ever happen in Afghanistan.

What other Psychics and Astrologers say on Afghanistan matter

  Craig Hamilton-Parker, the British psychic, referred to by the popular press as the "Prophet of Doom", who achieved notoriety for predicting Brexit and the election of Donald Trump said in his YouTube Channel:

“Afghanistan is a bit like what happened in Vietnam … there was a ridiculously poorly organized withdrawal from Saigon and we saw the helicopters on the rooftops and we saw chaos and we saw the burning of papers of as they tried to escape burn everything in the embassies and things like this and went to ridiculous lengths to escape in a massive hurry... it couldn't have had a worse ending to humiliation to America in a war like that and Biden said that will never happen again, we're never going to get that problem again and of course what's happened; it's happened again hasn't it?  

But as I’m talking about Afghanistan here... I’m thinking about what's gonna happen you know partly from my clairvoyance partly with me thinking about it and see if I can get a handle on things. First of all Biden’s made an absolute hash of things - we've got another Vietnam going on here - but also when you think what happened in Vietnam...we were panicking and it was going to be the domino effect and it was going to be “once Vietnam goes then Cambodia, then goes Thailand and gold and China will be moving in all the way down to Australia - they were saying at the time. And actually, once we pulled out of Vietnam it settled down and now Vietnam’s a tourist resort. So what's happening is I think longer-term in Afghanistan it'll settle even though we might not like this idea of women being subjugated badly and all the rest of it ... what can we do about it?  Can we really build a society in countries like that? Have we not learned our lesson? We try to do it you know (when I say we I talk about the west as it were western ideas being pushed upon other peoples) um we tried to impose western ideas on Vietnam and it never worked we tried to impose kind of western ways of doing things on Afghanistan and frankly, it hasn't worked. Trillions of dollars.

God knows what's suffering both sides with both the troops that have gone in from America and the rest of the world plus all the terrible suffering for the people there and the children being brought up in those environments. 

We've kind of foolishly pulled out too quick, made exactly the same mistakes, does not anybody ever read history, don't you read history even modern history,  the same things happened again but I think long term we probably just have to leave them to it. [...] There's nothing we can do, we're absolutely stuck with it and probably one of the worst worries is going to be the whole idea of you know a new terrorist 911 type, people developing there,  and I think American policy will become like “hit them and run”, like the Israelis kind of do and I’m not condoning this [...], but this is how I think it will go in the future with the way they deal with Afghanistan; that will be hit and out again if you do anything we'll hit you hard. But my thoughts are also what's going to happen in that region in the longer term and I think although it will settle down and we're not saying it's going to be a decent society because the subjugation of women is a terrible thing and then stopping people's education and so on is a terrible thing,  but I get the feeling it'll start to settle and I don't think the new Taliban is gonna be quite as bad as the old Taliban because I think they'll be looking over their shoulders thinking we got hit once before maybe we should allow a little bit more tolerance. 

But you know already they're painting over the signs in the beauty parlours and things like that you see and that any pictures of women that aren't veiled are being covered up and everybody's wearing the old traditional costumes again...

[...] Afghanistan don't have oil but they have rare earth metals and China's already put a lot of influence in there, in terms of money. China I think is going to sort of just try to control the situation at the moment, I don't think it wants to open the can of worms yet but China's influence sneakily is going to be pushing into Afghanistan, they're going to put their influence in there because the stuff there that they want and it's strategically important to them [...]

Frankly, Biden has made an absolute mess of this... I see a lot of suffering coming from there and more instability in Pakistan because of this and I want to do a video later about India particularly because there's a lot going on with India at the moment I want to talk about India and Pakistan and how that's going to influence the whole situation in that region including Afghanistan because I think there's going to be serious issues coming ahead…”


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