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The effects of sound on the human mind have been proved and recognized over time. Starting from incantations and instrumental sounds to analog and digital sound production methods, it is shown that they all influence human consciousness.

Subliminal audio messages (and video as well) can change your life and fulfill any desire: an ideal partner, perfect love, money, car, house, successful career, good health, quitting smoking, eliminating stress and fatigue, focus strength, memory, etc. We can fulfill our all desires with subliminal messages.

Subliminal messages are a series of stimuli (visual and auditory) that have the power to influence the mind and human behavior, although they are not consciously perceived. These messages are so short that once transmitted, the brain cannot consciously detect them. So, through subliminal messages, the brain receives certain information without being able to resist it.

Although subliminal messages are found especially in the media, where advertisements are made with highly sophisticated psychological manipulation, their power to influence our decisions and behavior is still questionable. The power of these messages are significantly influenced by our character traits, personality, passions and emotional structure.

The term "subliminal" means "outside conscious awareness", i.e. subconsciously. A subliminal message is a stimulus that is not consciously perceived by man. Subliminal messages are based on intensity and speed. A short phrase is played at such a low level and at such a high rate, compared to normal conditions, that the brain records it and only decodes it subconsciously. Because they are not perceived consciously, subliminal messages cannot be analyzed, they work directly on the subconscious. Take for example an audio recording you don't remember, a text you don't pay attention to or a hidden image.

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A subliminal audio to boost your online sales if own an online shop. It works if you sell anything online, physical or digital products. In your own shop or Ebay, Amazon etc, it doesn't matter. You can also buy the audio version. Trust me, it 100% works!


This is a well known prayer among people on the Internet who are looking for ways to manifest abundance. Give it a try:

Everything that the conscious spirit can perceive can be achieved using subliminal messages." Thus, subliminal messages have come to be consciously used to achieve certain things. As I said, by listening to subliminal messages, one can achieve professional and financial success, an ideal partner, memory boost, quitting smoking, etc. There are already many places where you can buy songs with subliminal messages for fulfilling certain desires, but if you're looking for making money online, then this one is for you.

"The Law of Attraction" preaches the power of subliminal messages, this is its basic concept and foundation. "The Law of Attraction" claims that we create our own reality in an absolute way. "Law of Attraction" supporters say that when we want something with pure intention and joy, the whole universe conspires to get what we want. That there's no personal absolute being (God), but an impersonal force, the Universe, that we can influence if we understand it enough.

When we want something, our brain generates electromagnetic waves. These waves come into resonance with similar ones, attracting positive things upon us. The more we want something, the more we influence the events around us to accomplish the thing we want. But pay attention. A desperate desire generates a negative energy. One must keep their positive hope and enjoy the ride till they get there without becoming frustrated. Also, we should remove any psychological barriers such as not believing that our brain can really influence events or the environment. Usually it's impossible, let's face it. Who really believes our thoughts can manifest? Almost nobody feels it. This is when we turn to subliminal messages that help us overcome these barriers. These messages help us re-program our brains in such a way as to influence the events around us and help us fulfill our desires.

The best time for listening to the subliminal message is the evening, before bedtime, or in the morning, immediately after waking up. By daily exposure to that message, the subconscious does its own job, and the results can be seen almost instantly!


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