Chinese Horoscope 2021 - Year of the Metal Buffalo (Ox)

After the crazy year of the metal Rat (2020), meet the Buffalo in 2021!

It's well known that the Year of the Metal Rat started with the beginning of SARS-COV2 cases in Wuhan China and concluded with a pandemic.

The year of the Metal Buffalo will not be an easy year either. The Buffalo Year is a recovery one after the year of the Rat.

In Chinese astrology, the Yang metal years end in 0, while the Yin years end in 1. Planet Venus, associated with the metal and corresponding with the color white (the Chinese color for death), rises in the west as an evening star.


The Buffalo is a powerful animal, an animal that is used for hard work. He is loyal, stubborn and determined to finish what he started.

The buffalo also means steadfastness, determination, family stability but also discipline and organization.

The buffalo has vulnerable lungs, so there is a higher risk of suffering from respiratory diseases.

This year we must be determined to be very well organized and get closer to the family.

We can expect restrictions / limitations of certain rights, leadership, military and strict orders.

My advice is not to rely on luck this year! Instead, those who want to work hard will be rewarded.

Strengthen your family relationships, be close to those in your circle and do good deeds. This is the only way we will get over 2021 without being hit by the strictness of the Buffalo year.

As we mentioned earlier, the Metal element that accompanies it, is associated with the color white (non color actually) in the Chinese tradition.

White meaning death takes us through another year prone to orders, daily hardships and... death. I am sorry, but it is true.

In my opinion, these two years are made of trials only and are meant to raise our counsciousness.

Try not to stay in a low frequency, by the the end of this karmic period it is extremly important to to change our lifestyle and raise our vibration.

Good luck and don't forget: do as many good deeds as possible and you will be rewarded!

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