Christmas Gift Ideas for Every Zodiac Sign

Time flies and Christmas is around the corner! Our lives get busier as the winter holidays approach. Finding the perfect Christmas gift is fun but not always easy. A Christmas gift shows that you know your dear ones and that you appreciate their presence in your life.

Here's a few gift ideas for every zodiac sign that will help you find the right Christmas gift for your loved ones.


Aries people tend to be energetic, forceful and love action so keep this in mind when searching for the rigth gift. And if you are still not sure what to pick, Aries people don't mind receiving prepaid gift cards so that they could buy their own gifts!

Christmas gift ideas for Aries men

Christmas gift ideas for Aries women

  • Prepaid gift cards - ok, not the most romantic gift in the world, but Aries women tend to be very practical and love to choose their own gifts.
  • coffee machine
  • Gift baskets
  • Designer bags
  • Champs Elysee Perfume - You can never go wrong if you buy this to an Aries lady.
  • A day at a beauty salon.


Taurus are venusian people so they love everything that's beautiful and luxurious. 2 words to keep in mind when choosing the best gift for a Taurus: quality & comfort!

Christmas gift ideas for Taurus men

  • Culinary delights, restaurant reservations - well, what sign doesn't like delicious food, right? But I'm telling you, Taurus men will appreciate this more than any sign!
  • Incence Burner - Taurus men are very in tune with their senses.
  • A vacation at a luxury inn.
  • A warm cozy sofa blanket.

Christmas gift ideas for Taurus women


Geminis are intellectual people who love to communicate, travel, read and get updated with the latest technology. Don't buy them stuff that are not practical, symbolic gifts are nice but they like specific things that they can actually use in their daily lives.

Christmas gift ideas for Gemini men

Christmas gift ideas for Gemini women

  • All kinds of devices - phones, kindles, laptops, tablets, translation tools
  • Learning tools & books - A Gemini woman is always happy to learn new things, she is really the smartest of all.
  • Charm Pendant Necklace - A Gemini woman knows placebo!
  • Coffee Mug - She will drink her coffee with a smile on her face always remembering this coffee mug is from you.
  • Lacoste Femme Perfume - You can never go wrong if you buy this to a Gemini woman.


Christmas gift ideas for Cancer men

Christmas gift ideas for Cancer women


Christmas gift ideas for Leo men

Christmas gift ideas for Leo women

  • Leo leather bracelet
  • Classy long black dress for New Year's Eve.
  • Cover case with hand strap chain holder.
  • Karaoke night ... or any spotlight would do!
  • An exclusive premier show of a play or spend a glittering evening at the opera.


Consider what your gift says rather than the price tag when thinking of a gift for your Virgo. Pay attention to small details cause they sure do. Make sure the gift is nicely wrapped and don't forget the notecard. Mercury likes when thoughts and words align.

Christmas gift ideas for Virgo men

  • Nightstand lamp
  • Vegan cookbook - Virgo men like to take care of their well being.
  • Pay for a trip for him and his best friend.
  • A gift certificate to a place where he can buy clothing items. Virgo men are very picky so it's best to let them choose.
  • Home tools

Christmas gift ideas for Virgo women

  • Relaxing basket - Virgo ladies love to take care of themselves.
  • Spa session/membership
  • An indoor plant
  • Flowers & chocolate
  • A gift card to the right place


If you buy a Libra woman anything for her home you can't go wrong. She loves to decorate her home, it's her little piece of Heaven. Oh - and wrap the gifts elegantly!

Christmas gift ideas for Libra men

  • Travel accessories
  • Givenchy Perfume - a Libra man loves to smell good.
  • A bottle of the finest wine. Libra men are classy and elegant.
  • And that takes us to clothes. Buy him a Wool-Cashmere Coat and he will be impressed!

Christmas gift ideas for Libra women


Scorpio women are magnetic and mysterious. She may have passions you may not know about. But we will reveal it to you and you will certainly surprise her with our gift ideas. As for the men...they love shadows, smoke and mirrors...

Christmas gift ideas for Scorpio men

Christmas gift ideas for Scorpio women


Sagittarius are very adventurous, spontaneous, active people. Men love all outdoor activities so any gift that implies one is welcome.

Christmas gift ideas for Sagittarius men

  • A night out at a club where you could play pool, table tennis , darts , listen to music.
  • Horse riding lessons
  • Bungee jumping
  • Travel clothing items

Christmas gift ideas for Sagittarius women


Independent and always in control, Capricorns like to choose their own gifts. This doesn't mean they don't like it when you surprize them with something that shows you know them well.

Christmas gift ideas for Capricorn men

Christmas gift ideas for Capricorn women


Aquarius is ruled by Uranus, the planet that speaks about innovation, technology, and surprising events. Surprize them with something original!

Christmas gift ideas for Aquarius men

Christmas gift ideas for Aquarius women


Creativity, imagination and versatility - these are Pisces' qualities.

Christmas gift ideas for Pisces men

Christmas gift ideas for Pisces women

What about you? What is your star sign and what gift would you like to receive on Christmas? Let us know in the comments below!


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