Coronavirus and Astrology

Let us briefly indicate the most important astrological aspects of 2020 to understand what is different this year and which are the possible indicators of a pandemic.

  • Saturn-Pluton Conjunction (January 12, 2020)

  • Saturn in Aquarius (22 March to 1 July, then from 17 December)

  • Venus retrograde in Gemini (May 13-June 25)

  • Retrograde Mars in Aries (September 9-November 14)

  • Jupiter in Aquarius (as of December 19)

  • The Great Conjunction Jupiter-Saturn: December 21, 2020

  • Lunar eclipses (accompanying full moon phenomenon) of 10 January, 5 June, 5 July and 30 November

  • The four super moons (accompanying the full moon phenomenon) on 9 February, 9 March, 8 April and 7 May

  • Solar Eclipses (accompanying the new moon phenomenon) of June 21 and December 14

  • Blue Moon (accompanying the Full Moon) of 31 October

As you can see I've emphasized 2 astrological events because I believe them to be indicators for a pandemic. How and why?

Let's take a look at what these 2 conjunctions mean and what they brought to the humankind in the past.


Saturn and Pluto are two of the most feared planets in our solar system, and in 2020 they will meet in the zodiac. Saturn represents borders, structure, foundation and authority. Pluto represents the extremes, warping and distortion. When they're conjunction, they become one like the other. Saturn is taken to extremes, and Pluto becomes real, solid and it manifests. Saturn is poisoned or turned into "radioactive" by Pluto, while Pluto is burdened by Saturn. Put together, we get a planetary complex that revolves around problems of extraordinary gravity: apocalyptic fears, hatred, oppressive systems.

A pandemic like one Coronavirus (referred to as COVID-19) fits in a Saturn Pluton conjunction. It manifests, it's real, it generates apocalyptic psychosis. At the time I write this article the coronavirus spreads worryingly in Italy.

Actually, this is the reason I finally started writing this article, I wasn't sure it was the right thing to do.


The previous Saturn-Pluto conjunctions in Capricorn were rare, in distant years, so we have few notes to work with: 47, 549, 783, 1284 and 1518.

We know, however, that the year 549 was remarkable because the 2 heavy planets retrograded and there were three Saturn-Pluto conjunctions instead of one. It is the year when the Visigoths besiege Rome, conquering Sicily and Perugia, a fortress in central Italy, where they even establish a garrison. Also that year, the Byzantines besiege the city of Petra, and the Slavs invaded Greece, rob Thrace and defeat the Byzantines in the battle near Adrianoppol. Troubled times caused by the will of power and robbery...

The 783 conjunction coincides with the start of Charlemagne's first war (Charles the Great, king of the Franks) against the Saxons. The Franks invaded the kingdom of Saxony, massacred several thousand indigenous people and destroyed the Irmins, their sacred pagan symbol, to forcibly convert them to Christianity.

At the conjunction of 1284, the Byzantine city of Tralles (now Aydın) was conquered by the Turks. The fortress suffered major destruction, a significant part of the inhabitants were killed, and about 20,000 people were sold as slaves.


The events accompanying the Saturn-Pluto conjunctions, which occurred in other signs, occur on about the same note, suggesting that the combined influence of the two planets is the one that dictates, and the sign in which the conjunction occurs has secondary importance. Saturn-Pluto conjunction takes place every 31-38 years. Let's see the last:

1914-1915 – Three Saturn-Pluto conjunctions in Cancer: a World War and a Massacre

In the second half of 1914 and the first of 1915, there were three Saturn-Pluto conjunctions - again - instead of one. The first two conjunctions coincide with the war declarations leading to World War I. The last, in May 1915, coincides with the beginning of the Armenian genocide, committed by the deportation by the Ottomans of about 250 Armenian intellectuals and community leaders, most of which were eventually killed. That's how it started. By 1918, the Ottomans were estimated to have massacred between 800,000 and 1,500,000 Armenians.

1947 – Saturn-Pluto conjunction in The Lion: the birth of new states

In August 1947, new Saturn-Pluto conjunction took place. On 14 August, the Muslim-majority region resulting from the Partition of India gained independence from the British Empire as the Dominion of Pakistan. On 15 August, India also departs from the British Empire and became an independent country.

In October-November 1947, the Saturn-Pluto conjunction was reactivated by the transit of Mars through the Lion. On 29 November, the UN General Assembly decided to divide Palestine into two Israel and Arab states. Following this judgment, the Civil War of 1947-1948 begins in Palestine on 30 November.

1982 – Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Libra: Malvine War and Margaret Thatcher

In 1982, something very interesting happened. The exact Saturn-Pluto conjunction is completed in November. However, the two planets have been together in Libra since the fall of 1980, interacting somewhat, albeit indirectly. In the first part of 1982, Mars happens to retrograde in Libra, a sign that, instead of crossing in about two months, as usual, it travels into a movement of go-come in almost eight months (16.12.1981-03.08.1982)! The insistence of Mars, a planet with great energy release, a powerful, significant catalyst for action, but also of aggression, activates in advance the force of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. Result? On 1 April 1982, Argentina invaded the Malvine-Falkland Islands, a British territory, leading to the Malvine War or the War in the South Atlantic, between Argentina and the United Kingdom. Interesting to note that one of the key characters in this armed conflict erupted with Saturn, Pluto and Mars in Libra was British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, a Libra who happens to also be born with Mars in Balance!

Also in 1982, on 17 April, Canada gained full independence from the United Kingdom.

It's kind of funny how Britain has all lost or been on the verge of losing territory under the Saturn-Pluto conjunctions. That suggests that Brexit wouldn't be a great deal for the English either. What about Harry who decides to leave the Royals? Could this be a symbol for something more profound?


I asked the Tarot what does the future hold on Coronavirus? The answer is:


Interestingly, the Ace of Wands represents new actions, new energy, new power, new force. Although the consequences may seem devastating for the moment, the Coronavirus phase seems to be placed in our human destiny to generate new beginnings. And I feel that this new energy is deeply connected to our collective transformation. To cooperation and awareness. Of Planet and other beings as well.

On a mundane level, I am sure the Ace of Wands tells us that there will be a treatment for coronavirus soon.


Saturn and Pluto conjunct once every 34 years and it is therefore an important astrological event for the humanity. It practically prepares us for a new life and a new purpose. We are forced to work collectively. It forces us to connect our souls and higher spirits to find faith. This also contributes to the collective transformation of the Planet.

People are or should be more aware of the Planet and others. And if we don't understand this message, a horrific tragedy such as a pandemic could force us into this: a global fight against coronavirus. We need determination and patience to cope with the emotional tumult and the individual and collective awakening to which we are subjected. We will coordinate our efforts because even if we didn't realize it by now, we'll be forced to see "the wrong". And there is no other response to this awareness than CHANGE.


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