Do subliminal audio meditations really work?

Subliminal messages are mental commands and the effect is measured by the way the person responds to that specific message. Mental commands are simple words constantly repeated into a speech, ad etc with the pure intention of causing the brain to trigger an action!

Those who use them have the aim of getting the audience to buy something, to do an action, to vote for someone, etc. Yes, we could say this is a manipulative act. But what if you could turn the subliminal messages in your favor and make yourself a better version of you or increasing your life quality just by giving yourself subliminal commands such as: "I am rich", "I am smart", "I am attractive", "I make $5000 per day".

Is this for real? Yes, it is!

But how can we use subliminal messages so that they take effect?

This is a great question. Because subliminal messages are a powerful tool. And use wrongly it can cause more damage than good. In example, if you use a message such as: "I am no longer poor". The message your brain gets is POOR. The brain doesn't separate the "I am" from "I am not", "Do" from "Do not", etc.

The brain is simply stimulated by the energy of the word itself. "Poor" generates a negative impact on the brain no matter the context used. By repeating "I am not poor", even though for our conscious language the message is positive, for our subcounscious the keyword is purely negative and damaging, programming ourselves to be pure. I hope you understand how damaging subliminal meditations can be if not used properly.

You must be very careful when choosing subliminal meditations from channels such as YouTube. Any serious meditation autohor should be transparent about the phrases repeated in a meditation. If you can't find them anywhere in the video description, better skip it! If the author is transparent about the phrases used in the meditation, read them carefully and make sure there's no negative word inside the meditation. If you find even a single one, that person has no idea what they're doing and how meditations really work, so stay away!

How to use subliminal meditations

  • Subliminal suggestions are not dangerous; even children can benefit from them;
  • Do not listen to the subliminal if you do not feel like it;
  • Listening to subliminal in relaxing environments optimizes the result;
  • The best time for subliminal listening is in the evening, before bedtime, or in the morning, immediately after waking up, when the brain is in the alpha state.
  • Listening can be done at any time and as often as you want.
  • If your subliminal has relaxing music background, don't listen to it as you drive.
  • To get results with subliminals don't have a negative attitude on it.
  • Subliminal listening must be done at a normal level of sound power.
  • The program should be listened at least 2 times a day, (several times it can speed up the result) preferably once before bedtime.
  • Depending on the changes you want, some can occur quickly, others can take longer; it is important to continue working towards the goal until the desired results are achieved.

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