Full Moon August 2021 - Astrology Meaning

Do you have Taurus, Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio emphasized in your chart? Think about what happened in your life, on February 11, when we had the New Moon in Aquarius. Remember what happened in your life. We should all think in fact, but those mentioned are even more affected. If you no longer believe in the project that was on your mind around February 11, leave it, leave room for something else. Be honest with yourself whether it works or not. If you do that, you make room for better chances on your way. Be more open, you will have many benefits.
But... first of all, when does a full moon occur?
Full moons occur when the moon is on the perfect opposite side of the Earth from the Sun. Usually, a full moon occurs 12 times a year or three times per season.
The full moon rising on August 22 gives skywatchers a rare seasonal "Blue Moon". The term seems to be from the past (English phrase), it is believed that the dust in the atmosphere makes the moon appear blue.
Special Moon Events in 2021
Super Full Moon: 27 Apr
Micro New Moon: 11 May
Super Full Moon: 26 May
Blue Moon: 22 Aug (third Full Moon in a season with four Full Moons)
Super New Moon: 4 Nov
Micro Full Moon: 19 Nov
Super New Moon: 4 Dec
Micro Full Moon: 19 Dec
In astrology, the full moon is the way the universe helps each of us to manage change and development. When the Moon is full (in direct opposition to the Sun), there is a conflict between the Sun and the Moon, between Yin and Yang. That is why it is believed that the full moon illuminates and brings to the surface the "true" truth.
The energy begins to increase with the new moon and reaches its peak two weeks later, with the full moon. Farmers do plant when the moon is new and harvest when the moon is full because they know what they're doing. Also, in astrology, the meaning of the full moon is the harvest, the period when you reap the fruits. But this isn't all. The new moon brings to the surface the truth, including the hidden part that we want to keep in the "shadow".
The first second full moon in Aquarius took place on July 24. This, on August 22, is the second full moon in Aquarius and creates a strong, enlightening context, different from the first one. The first one in Aquarius forced us to step into the heart of the challenges, to recognize what we must change, the second full moon shows us how.
Since the beginning of the year, we have been in an emotional carousel, continuous ups and downs, we have been forced to live events that cause anxiety and panic.
Throughout the year, the square of Saturn - Uranus made its presence; It forces us to change direction in many aspects of our lives overnight. Almost everything we knew and everything stable for us became strange. In an attempt to feel a trace of security, sometimes we cling to old structures, beliefs, plans but without much success, yet. In this aspect, these two planets produce great energy that pushes us forward, with one condition, to get rid of unnecessary "luggage".
On the first full moon in Aquarius, the aspect formed by Saturn and Uranus was activated and intensified. On August 22, the second full moon comes as a moment of enlightenment, as a full understanding, a moment of absolute clarity, an a-ha moment. You will know what to do!
Uranus energy is felt throughout 2021 and we have already witnessed many events credited to Uranus (earthquakes, fires, shocks of all kinds, sudden changes, even the way the NATO troops have been suddenly withdrawn from Afghanistan). Usually, it's hard to understand the meaning of experiences as they happen. But Uranus is also about revelation, revolution, the leap, the progress. It may not be so delicate in the process, but it is sharp and evolution-oriented, regardless of cost.
When we are dealing with Uranus, the meanings of it are embraced later, after we wake up from the shock and after we have already embarked on a new path and begin to accept it.
Uranus, the lord of the full moon, tells us now to accept and recognize the "new" truth. But what is that truth? Could it be on a personal level? It could be but let me believe that this is more of a global, universal truth that affects us all.
The two governors of Aquarius, Saturn (traditional) and Uranus (modern) are involved in good aspects while the Moon is joint with Jupiter, another catalyst for truth, expansion and freedom.
The full moon of Aquarius on August 22, in opposition to the Sun of Virgo, demands us to review and return to some special situations in our lives, to correct some mistakes. The second full Moon of Aquarius gives us a second chance to accomplish something we have failed to do before. In the last decade of August, the full moon is always one of the most beautiful full moons of summer. Its light, amplified by the Sun in Virgo, spreads good energy and vibrations to Jupiter and Venus, in Aquarius, and to Mercury, in the sign of Virgo. A special astral conjuncture which will be lucky for almost all the zodiac signs! Virgo and Aquarius will be deeply affected by the light of the full moon on August 22nd. Along with them, other natives with Earth signs, such as Taurus and Capricorns, or natives with Air signs, such as Libra will enjoy a positive influence from the moon.
Any full moon strongly influences our health, our body's energy, our overall tone and our ability to defend ourselves. In particular, the full moon of August 22, influenced by the Sun of the Virgo, tells us to pay more attention to our health and the body's immune system.
Towards the end of summer, during this period abundant in local fruits and vegetables, eat as many vegetables as possible, well-ripened fruits, especially red and orange fruits or red vegetables. Consumption of meat and sweets should be reduced, and the daily diet enriched with salads, vegetables, and simple baked vegetables.
The Sun in Virgo places special emphasis on health and warns especially the natives who do not pay attention to this aspect. In the context of the coronavirus pandemic, we need to pay even more attention to our body's immunity and ability to regenerate.

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