Full Moon January 2022

The Full Moon of January 18, 2022 impacts all astrological signs. 

The moon is the closest celestial body to Earth, the average distance being 384,400 km, with not very large variations (between 363,300 km and 405,500 km). So, even when the Moon is closest, it's still very far away, because the distance is 5% less than the average and 10% from when the Moon is the farthest (peak).

January 18, 2022, Full Moon in Cancer: Dreams are premonitory and often come true

This lunar day is associated with the spleen and the Manipura chakra. It is useful to clean oneself, one's own home. Dreams are premonitory and often come true. Keep in mind the day before and after the full moon, they are also very energetic!

Try not to miss this opportunity. Use this gigantic wave of energy: do at least one ritual in three days. Your dream will get an incredible boost of energy and will become a reality in the shortest possible time!


The full moon of January 18 will rise in the sign of Cancer. This announces a difficult time for all signs, emotions will be amplified, also sensibilities and hidden desires of each of us. We need to pay more attention to our reactions, to what we say, because the full moon in Cancer may amplify negative emotions.

Full moon in Cancer from January 18 attracts the light of the Capricorn Sun, and the combination of the two signs, Cancer - Capricorn, is almost antagonistic. Cancer has completely different valences than Capricorn and the two astrological signs have quite opposite energies.

Cancer is all about emotion, exaltation, sensitivity, affection, dedication and generosity. Capricorn on the other hand represents prudence, temperance and even selfishness. The influence of the two signs in which the full moon and the sun are now is contradictory and can bring some difficult days for the zodiac signs that are going through a turbulent period. Many zodiac signs will doubt the decisions they have made lately. Many signs will trigger without intention issues in their intimate relationships; they may come with claims that are very difficult to satisfy. I believe many of us will have difficulty making the best choices for themselves and their loved ones.

Between 2022 January 17 and 21, the full moon in the sign of Cancer will have a strong influence on the zodiac signs and will bring a period of instability. It is a difficult astrological moment that can amplify the good things in our lives such as love, trust, tranquility and affection of the family, but it can also amplify the states of restlessness, nervousness and decision-making ability. The key word is exaggeration of feelings, either good or bad.

Unlike the last full moon of 2021, which has fallen into the sign of Gemini, a sign of air, and in a lucky conjucture with Jupiter, spurring us to turn the page on the chapters of our lives and manifest our deepest desires and dreams, this full moon in Cancer comes with another energy. It is one of introspectiveness and self-compassion that centers us towards ourselves and stimulates us to find that degree of emotional comfort high enough that we feel at home wherever we are, perhaps even inside our own mind or soul.


Although it will have its good influence on solid couple relationships, to which it brings more romance and tenderness, the Full Moon of January 18 comes in a difficult astrological context.  During this period, Mercury is retrograde in Aquarius, and Venus is retrograde in Capricorn. Because of the retrograde motion, the two major stars can amplify uncertain situations and negative emotions when the Full Moon enters Cancer. We must be thrifty and balanced, as the Sun in Capricorn urges us. Do not let the troubled feelings and emotions affect  your decisions or relationships with those around you.


Venus retrograde and the Full Moon in Cancer also warn of a critical period in terms of health. Just as the Full Moon can now amplify negative emotions and thoughts, it can amplify chronic pain, joint pain, sensitivity to cold, allergies to various foods or digestive problems.

It also targets people who suffer with the heart, who have problems with tension and who are already experiencing persistent fatigue. Venus retrograde recommends more rest, short relaxing walks and relaxation in a space as comfortable, warm and bright as possible.  

Cancer Full Moon Horoscope - Influence on Zodiac Signs


The impatience of Aries can be tested these days especially at work. They need to be more careful, focused and not rush if they need to complete thorough and difficult projects.  


Taurus need to be attentive to health these days, especially those who have heart problems. In addition, they should avoid crowded spaces as much as possible and work from home, since the risk of getting infected with the new Omicron virus is very high. 


Gemini must keep in mind that Mercury, their sign, is retrograde, and the Full Moon of January 18 in Cancer is not at all in their favor. Communication with those around them will be poor and they can expect less good news, which prevents them from putting the plans of these days into operation. 


Beautiful days ahead in love area for the natives of Cancer who enjoy stability in marriage. But for singles, who are less successful in love, the Full Moon will amplify negative emotions, distrust and troubled feelings.  


Leo natives can have big problems in love if they fail to be more affectionate and generous with their hearts. The arrogant and selfish lions will receive a rather harsh lesson on the days dominated by the Full Moon in Cancer, and it is not excluded that some of them will be forsaken. Watch out, dear Leos!


Virgo natives will have special events or situations in the family, some of them unhappy. There will be times from which they will learn that they must protect at all costs what they love and never lose the love of children.


Libra receives a good influence from the full moon in Cancer. The natives of this zodiac sign will convince themselves that a balance is needed between the needs and desires of the soul, because they cannot have everything they want, but they can have exactly what they need.  


Scorpio Natives must accept their flaws, understand them and use them when everything seems to be against them. There will be more difficult days for Scorpios, because of Venus retrograde, and they have to be careful what decisions they will make, to analyze them with great objectivity. 


Less affected by the Full Moon on January 18, Sagittarius may still face problems of organization and communication. For some natives it will be harder to handle all the chores at work and complete the heavier activities.  


The Sun is in Capricorn, and its light amplifies the light of the full Moon in Cancer. Capricorns will be more emotive, more sensitive to criticism and will have a harder time getting along with people who do not know them. It would be good to refrain from commenting at work. 


This Full Moon enhances the vitality of Aquarius, brings creative energy and encourages them to express themselves freely. At the same time, the Full Moon in Cancer increases the desire for love, forgiveness, compassion, understanding and even the need for spirituality.


Emotions, sensitivity, nostalgia, regrets... they  will find a way to return to the surface and even overwhelm the natives of this zodiac sign, if they fail to balance themselves spiritually. Pisces natives need to rein in their sensitivity and not become a burden to the people who love them. 


We should make peace with our shadows and emotions, in order to free ourselves from our fears and anguishes, in order to be reborn and transform our lives in the best possible way. 

Something particular, another special and powerful astral aspect, which intensifies the energy of this full moon comes to support this conclusion. Pluto, the planet of death, rebirth and transformation (in mythology, Pluto is known as the god of the shadow underworld), creates an aspect of opposition to the Full Moon, but it also meets the almighty Sun on the celestial vault, as an exhortation to let the darkness go out and free us from all those things that burdened or grinded our soul,  all the worries, anxieties, all the fears and traumas of the past that still occasionally haunt our present. 

Also, since this Full Moon in Cancer creates a trine aspect and with Neptune, the planet of mystery, spirituality and imagination, it is possible to "feel" certain energies or vibrations around us, to have premonitory dreams or that guide us to a long-awaited solution to a problem, to be extremely creative and imaginative,  and let our spirit interact more easily with the other worlds.

The Full moon of January is also called the "wolf's moon" in the Native American tradition with reference to the wolves that howl at the moon during this period, in the middle of the cold and dark winter. If initially, it was believed that the howling of wolves in the middle of the night was a sign of hunger during the long periods and lacking food resources of winter, today scientists are of the opinion that these vocalizations of wolves are used for these powerful animals to delineate their territory, to locate various members of their pack,  to strengthen their "social" ties inside the pack and coordinate their hunting process, in a word to ensure their own survival and that of others.

Like them, our cry must be liberating, to connect us to ourselves and to each other, to coordinate our movements and actions, to help us find ourselves again so that we can find others. Even if this time we do not focus on those bright aspects of our being, our dark parts and shadows deserve the same attention to be able to evolve.

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