Full Moon Rituals

If on the new moon we feel a lack of energy, on the full moon it is the other way around. This excess of energy tends to be manifested by anger and irritation, as well as by the tendency to argue, to express what is bothering us and to show it... Avoid these kind of manifestations, the energy can be directed in another direction, for example, on rituals for money, love, health!

Full Moon Rituals

During the Full Moon, an opening of information sources takes place, so that all the projects that are started during this period, initially bear information that will contribute to their realization. Try to establish as many cycles as possible: calls, meetings, project start, contracts, etc. Then the work you start will continue by itself, with minimal effort on your part.

The moon pours its vibrations on us. Therefore, any action you take to attract money receives a double boost of energy. It is a period of magic, a time of miracles. Don't miss the opportunity! A ritual performed in the full moon will do more for you than ten performed on other days!

If you want to purify your body, mind and soul, before the ritual, rinse under a shower to physically cleanse yourself, and then lie down in a sea salt bath. After 10-15 minutes, open the stopper and stay in the bathtub until all the water drains. As the water level goes down, imagine that all your thoughts about everyday chores and all the negative energy accumulated in you go with it. A feeling of purity and peace will indicate that the purpose of cleansing is achieved. After that, you are almost ready for the ritual. All that remains to be done is to prepare the room in which it will be carried out. Preparation involves purification. Our homes, being enclosed spaces, accumulate energy dirt – this must be removed so as not to interfere. This is especially important during the full moon. The simplest is to walk around the room with a candle or perfume it with incense.

The Mirror

Stand with your back to the moon and take a small mirror in your hands so that the Moon completely reflects in it. In this position, our energy in relation to the Moon is turned upside down, as if we were turning it inside out. Looking at the moon, he says three times: Mother Moon, please, take my poverty and bring me the money. That's the whole ritual! The moon will do the rest.

The "Full Bag" Ritual -  for money, love and health

On each full moon, put an empty and open purse on a window (preferably the moonlight touches it) on all three nights of the full moon, the first day, the climax. The purse in which you carry your money every day. On the three nights of the new moon, put a bag of money on the window.

The "Burning Paper" 

Since the Full Moon symbolizes the end of a cycle, the death of one and the transition to a new level, the Full Moon is best suited for rituals to eliminate negativity or disease. The ritual should be carried out outdoors, directly under the moon. Prepare a fire or take a saucer and matches for a symbolic fire. Write carefully and clearly everything you want to remove. Say a prayer under the moon in your own words and start burning pieces of paper with negativity!

"I lift everything that is hard, freeing myself from everything I no longer need.
There is light in my being.
I release everything that prevents me from being honest with myself.
I'm aligned. I am radiant in my being."

"Everything that is hard, everything that is dense, everything that is slow, now free it from my space.
Let the healing take its place.
May this space and these ritualistic ingredients be cleaned and returned to their purest state.
It allows this space to radiate peace, love and light. Thank you."

Things you can write on the burning paper:

"I would like to release control over ... I choose to release that now.

"I give my strength when ... I choose to release that now.

"I underestimate myself when ... I'm choosing to release that now."

"I'm afraid ... I choose to release that now.

"I forgive myself for ... I choose to release that now.

"I detach myself from ... I choose to release that now.

"I feel powerless when ... I choose to release that now.

"I have tension in my body when ... I choose to release that now.

"I feel worried about ... I choose to release that now.

"I'm ashamed of ... I choose to release that now.

It is said that on Full Moon...

  • Those who were born of the full moon will not lack anything.
  • From the elders, it is said that the full moon is the best for working with energies and spells.
  • If you are a woman and you want a child, the whole full moon comes to your aid. All you have to do is get out of the house at night and stay as long as possible in its light. Thus, the desire to get pregnant will come true to you.
  • The behavior of humans and animals changes when it's a full moon. Statistically speaking, most acts of violence, quarrels and abnormal behavior are recorded since the full moon.
  • In Hindu culture it is believed that the lunar eclipse occurs as a result of the action of the demon Rahu, who swallows it to remain immortal.
  • The philosophers Aristotle and Pliny the Elder argued that the full moon can induce the madness of susceptible people, believing that the phenomenon affects the brain.
  • People of antiquity believed that the full moon comes with evil intentions, in the form of werewolves.

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