We align with Divine Law and have access to Divine Will. The July Full Moon is in Capricorn and opens the door to a new beginning in the heart of summer. This is the magical peak of the lunar cycle that gives us a dynamic time to manifest our goals, to release inner stress so that we can fulfil our dreams and make some magic in our lives.

The sign of Capricorn is closely connected to the light of spiritual power and is considered the gateway to higher dimensions. It is the birthplace of Saturn and the sign of discipline, patience, structure and order throughout the authority of the Crown chakra.

The Full Moon is conjunct Pluto, while freely opposing Mercury and trine Uranus. This dynamic combination ignites a powerful light within us and initiates an emotional breakthrough and a simpler path to the future.

The Full Moon challenges us to forgive ourselves for any regrets so that we can make peace with the past, learn our lessons and realize that we can make changes in the present now. We learn to let go of the harshness and seriousness of life and enjoy the energy of following our hearts.

We can connect with the highest level of sensitivity within ourselves. We accept our moods and emotions because they too are part of us as we learn to be strong and fight for what we want. The Universe is telling us that it is time to show all our faces - both the sensitive and the strong. We take responsibility for what we live and try to shape our future.

We enjoy everything we've learned so far.

During this month we have the opportunity to recognise the fruits of our labour. So, if we have planted seeds throughout the year, we can now expect them to grow more beautifully than ever.

What are the themes to look forward to during this period?

1. Breaking toxic cycles - we release all that is negative and painful so that we can bring about beautiful changes in our lives.

2. Explore ambitions - it's time to believe in ourselves and fight for what we want. We focus on our dreams and desires and enjoy the journey we are on.

3. We take responsibility for our emotional wellbeing - we stop allowing anyone to tell us who we are and what we need to do. We put ourselves first, accept our emotions and moods and learn the art of gratitude.

4. We free ourselves from harsh expectations and criticism - we are no longer interested in what others think of us or what they expect of us. We learn to listen to our hearts and make our souls happy.

This astronomical phenomenon is a time to take on responsibilities, but also to balance personal and professional life.

In Capricorn, the Full Moon increases tension and stress at work, feelings of tiredness and uselessness. Almost all zodiac signs will now worry about money, especially if they go on holiday or send their children on camps and trips. Full Moon July 13 On the other hand, the Full Moon in Capricorn puts the focus on family responsibilities: caring for elderly parents, children's health, home maintenance and bills.

On July 13 and 14, when the influence of the Full Moon will be at its strongest in the sign of Capricorn, we'll all be feeling anxious about family and career.

Full Moon on the Capricorn - Cancer axis The Full Moon in Capricorn on July 13 opposes the Sun in Cancer.

Capricorn puts the focus on work obligations, work, business, contracts, meetings and profit. Whereas Cancer emphasizes family, children, health, comfort and well-being.

The two influences are opposites, so there will be all sorts of tensions about what we can do more for our family, but also for our careers.

Many natives will receive unpleasant news at work, either no salary increase, elimination of some benefits or unannounced restructuring. There will be more difficult days ahead for some of us. But we can counteract them with a short, relaxing holiday in a cool resort or by the sea. It would be good to put off the unpleasant things, rest and think about everyday worries when we return from holiday.

Full Moon July 13 and health

The tension that the Sun in Cancer, in opposition to the Full Moon in Capricorn, is putting on your family and health, especially the older members of your family. We need to be more attentive to parents, in-laws, grandparents or aunts who need help. Let's visit them, make sure they are well, that they are not missing anything and that they have access to the treatments they need.

On the other hand, during the Full Moon in Capricorn, the skin is much more sensitive. There is a risk of making an allergy to a cosmetic product or food that didn't cause us problems before. Pimples can attack the complexion and it is good to stay away from make-up. Capricorn also rules the bone system, knees and joints. Rheumatic pains can be accentuated by the Full Moon in Capricorn and we could do with a hot spring pool.

Supermoon in July will have incredible effects on all signs

Those who have an imbalance in both their personal and professional lives will try to find solutions to recover and cope with all the obstacles they face.

In this regard, three zodiac signs will be the most affected by the astrological phenomenon from 13 July 2022. On this list are Capricorn, Cancer and Gemini.

All natives want a balance between their personal and professional lives. In this regard, natives who have not been able to overcome obstacles will now be able to find solutions and reconcile the two plans. It has been an extremely stressful period for Capricorn, Cancer and Gemini natives, which is why everything will change, starting July 13, 2022. They will go through a transition period from stress to peace.

The Supermoon will also mark new goals and objectives. Natives who have not been able to carry out the plans they have had will be able to get their thoughts in order and will be able to find balance in their lives. Moreover, professional life seems to become flourishing for these natives and they even manage to sign new contracts or even get a windfall.

The love life is not left out either. Natives who are single and yearning for a relationship will be able to have a moment when they meet their soulmates. Moreover, those who are at an impasse with their relationships will be able to find solutions to repair past mistakes.

Set next to Pluto, the Full Moon in Capricorn brings sudden, transformative decisions. There will be global decisions, upsetting ones.

The moment we talk about Pluto, we talk about dictators, about totalitarianism. "Pluto says so: 'I have no soul'. Pluto forgets that you have a mother, that you have a father, that you have a family, that you have friends, that you have relatives, it doesn't give a damn, it has no soul. Those who will feel this aspect will be those who have Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn astrological markings."

On July 14, there will be Venus-Neptune conjunction which is very deceptive. On July 17, there will be Sun-Mercury conjunction, which makes us very stubborn.

Having Mars in Taurus, but also Uranus and the North Node in the same sign of neediness, possessiveness and opposition to change, we might feel quite frustrated. 

North Node in Taurus

The North Node in Taurus speaks to the concrete side and tells us that after so many years of realizing there is no control, you are still in control of what? You have to be all practical, and pragmatic, handle it yourself and try not to overdo anything. The North Node in Taurus is asking you to be more aware, more present, and more practical, and to use what you have. That is to say, stop planning according to what your husband, wife, or parents have, but according to what you have only yourself. That's what Taurus is talking about, your resources!

Uranus in the sign of Taurus

Uranus transits the sign of Taurus until 2026! Who is Uranus? The planet of technology, the planet of surprises, the one who brings to life the scenario you never thought of. It is also the planet that rules the internet and technology. Uranus means surprise, unusual, independent, and nonconformity, but also science, light, electricity, spontaneity, revolution, authenticity, innovation, and sudden break. Taurus is a stable earth sign, fixist, rigid, eager for comfort, holds on to security, doesn't want to give up, holds on to everything, doesn't like crises, doesn't like stability and wants to have everything sorted. 

What the Full Moon in Capricorn on 13 July 2022 brings to each horoscope sign

Full Moon in Capricorn 13 July 2022 for Aries

This Full Moon in Capricorn could bring a professional peak or threshold in the direction of your life. Consider the imprint you leave: does it have the depth you want? This Full Moon is asking you to own your power in your career, vocation or life direction.  Apply for opportunities that excite you. Life is too short not to foolishly believe in your own potential.

Full Moon in Capricorn July 13, 2022 for Taurus

This full moon in Capricorn brings your long-term plans to a crescendo. What goals have you achieved recently? How do you feel on the other side of this marathon? Trust that if you're feeling exhausted, it's for good reason. Know that if you've stumbled upon a deeper truth, that's what the journey was for. Honour the ways in which you managed to develop an honest relationship with yourself, because the answers weren't obvious and because you had to find your own way forward. Knowing yourself is the greatest achievement of all.

Full Moon in Capricorn July 13, 2022 for Gemini

Over this Full Moon in Capricorn, a collaboration culminates. Embrace joint ventures that unleash new depths of your shared creativity. Turn over every stone when it comes to external financial support. Because this can be a tricky time, surround yourself with people and activities that offer a safe landing. Pour your heart out to a trusted confidant, coach or therapist. Your willingness to introduce yourself to the complexity of human experience will open you even more radically to the sweetness of life.

Full Moon in Capricorn July 13, 2022 for Cancer

This Full Moon deepens the bonds between your closest partnerships. Immerse yourself in the complexity of intimate exchange. Tackle "that" conversation. Detain your impact on your nearest and dearest. If a recent encounter has caused you to pause, use this opportunity to dialogue with your shadow parties.

Full Moon in Capricorn July 13, 2022 for Leo

This Full Moon in Capricorn has a full work tray. Use this time to create systems that will make your work more manageable. Delegate. Let go of the idea that you should do everything or, worse, save anyone from their own obligations. Beneath the surface of things, questions lurk about the deeper meaning of why you're sweating.

Full Moon in Capricorn July 13, 2022 for Virgo

The Full Moon in Capricorn marks a high point in a creative project, exercise or practice. This lunation dislodges all sorts of emotional debris and through you, so do your creations. Whatever you put out into the world now has a powerful impact - for yourself and for others. If you find yourself struggling with feelings of doubt, know that it's normal to cringe after such a profound offering. Be gentle with yourself. Don't forget to refill your tank if you feel you have no reserves.

Full Moon in Capricorn July 13, 2022 for Libra

During this full moon in Capricorn, your desire for resilient foundations reaches a crescendo. Embrace the ancient arts, recipes and legacies that make you feel deeply rooted. There may be some family shadows, secrets or taboos that demand your attention. Every chosen family has its ghosts, but you get to decide which ones cross your threshold.

Full Moon in Capricorn July 13, 2022 for Scorpio

This Full Moon in Capricorn brings a climax to your schedules, emails and errands. Honour the daily flow, but remember to schedule yourself a break. This Moon is the perfect time to do a thorough audit of your thought patterns and inner scripts. Whatever mind loops are leading ala fear or shame - clear them out. Instead, clear space for the voice of the wise one within.

Full Moon in Capricorn  July 13, 2022 for Sagittarius

This Full Moon in Capricorn brings your material resources to a peak. What power are you using here? What talents are mysteriously revealing themselves now? The more you embrace the gifts you've been given, the more easily they can help you transform your material reality. The more you refuse to play, the more impact you can have in your world and through your work. The more you keep digging, the more you realize you need to work.

Full Moon in Capricorn July 13, 2022 for Capricorn

This Full Moon in Capricorn your personal power peaks. Cut the ribbon on your passion project. Bring your magnetism to any project, cause or situation that is important to you. This Full Moon means business. Achieving the fullness of your power requires continuous and tedious work. Good thing that's exactly your wheelhouse. This Moon helps you take stock of the weight this journey requires and the depth of care you need now.

Full Moon in Capricorn July 13, 2022 for Aquarius

This Full Moon in Capricorn, your need for rest or alone time comes to a head. This Moon offers an opportunity to fall through the rings of your inner realms. Stock up your bat cave and settle in for a long rest. Allow your emotional weight to be recycled during dreams.

Full Moon in Capricorn July 13, 2022 for Pisces

This Full Moon in Capricorn brings a group undertaking to a crescendo (or an emotional release). You may also desire more depth in your friendships, networks and community connections. Reach out to friends and allies who ask tough questions. Step into your power when it comes to your responsibility to the collective. Donate time or other resources to a cause you care about.

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