Russia - Ukraine War - Astrology Forecast


Although the build-up of troops near the borders - about 100,000 troops - leads NATO and US military strategists to believe that the Kremlin is planning an unprecedented aggression that could devastate large areas of the former Soviet republic, a large-scale invasion risks heavy losses for Russia and would run counter to Vladimir Putin's preference for subterfuge and plausible denial - the hybrid war. Putin can achieve many of his goals without major military action: destabilizing Ukraine, discouraging Kiev allies from providing military aid, intimidating NATO, and forcing more concessions in talks to end the blockade of the Donbas. However, Moscow could deviate from this, intensifying the conflict in the separatist region, causing problems in other parts of Ukraine or well-targeted incursions. The ability to climb is the Kremlin's strongest asset.

Believe in shamans?

They predict a reduction in conflicts and tensions, including on Russia's border with Ukraine, thanks to their incantations. "Russia wants to invade a territory in Ukraine, but it will not happen. That is why we, the shamans, are here, so that there is no war, no physical aggression ", said the shaman Félix Roldán, according to Euronews.

Shamans performed rituals with photographs of politicians such as US President Joe Biden, Russian President Vladimir Putin, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, while healers used flower petals and blew a bull's horn during their spiritual practices.

What are the feng shui aspects for this?

It seems like US is favoured compared to Russia. Tiger - "wood" is a favorable element for President Biden, so it will be more stable in the second year of the presidency. Putin is an extremely weak "fire" and does not like "wood". So, the year of the Tiger will bring some problems to Russia.

What my Tarot says

Will there be a war in 2022 between Russia and Ukraine?


The answer is no. I drew the Emperor. It's true, this card screams secular hierarchy, the ultimate male ego, but I will not translate this is war! The Emperor tells me that leaders allowed their alpha powers to get out of control. Rulers must step down from their "throne", get a reality check and make things right. Only humility will make a difference as they calmly and carefully address the conflict. Diplomacy should eventually win - one way or another - either imposed, needed or benevolent; what's importants is things will not turn into acts of aggression. This is a card of ultimate power but not one of war. At least I can't see it as such in this context. We shall see if I'm right!


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