What are the Big 6 in Astrology?

So what are the Big 6 in Astrology? What does this phrase mean?

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First, you should know that we're talking about Planets. When astrologers talk about the Big 6, they are referring to Planets. 

You have 12 placements in your Charts, known as 12 Houses.

Each House has a meaning and contributes to your overall characterization. But that's not the main focus of this article.

The idea is Planets reside in these Chart Houses. Some are general Planets, that take years to move through signs, others are more "individual" planets that move faster through signs.

When astrologers interpret your chart, they focus more on these "individual", "fast" planets because the "slower" ones are too general, and speak more of a generation rather than an individual.

And that's how we get to the Big 6 in Astrology. There are 6 signs that talk about the person instead of a generation. And these are the sun, moon, rising, Mercury, Mars, and Venus.

So, if I analyse your chart I take a look at where are your sun, moon, rising, Mercury, Mars, and Venus placed.

The placement of the Sun indicates your Zodiac sign. This is what you traditionally know as your Sign. So when you say you're a "Taurus" you actually say (without probably even knowing it) that at the moment of your Birth the Sun was placed in Taurus.

How do you find out where are your Big 6 in Your Personaly Astrological Chart?

Obviously, we all know where your Sun is placed. But what about the other Planets? How do you know where Moon, Mercury, Mars, Venus was placed at your date and hour of birth? Well, this is what personal astrology charts are for.

Just by entering your details here, you can find the placements instantly. This free calculator shows your Chart based on your date, time, and place of birth. It includes the Big 6 in Astrology, Sun Moon, rising, Mercury, Mars and Venus's interpretations describing what they mean. Plus the other planet placements at the exact moment you were born.

So go ahead, use the Free Personalized Horoscope Chart unlimited for you and your dear ones to find the placement of the Big 6 in your Astrology Chart and their meaning. It will be fun!


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