What you should never do if you want to attract money and wealth

A lot of articles talk about what you should do to attract money and wealth in your life. But here is what you should never do if you want to attract abundance in your life.

  1. Do not eat or drink from a broken cup or cracked plate if you want to be successful and prosper. Broken dishes, cups, and other similar items are bad luck and life can "crack". Throw away all the broken dishes.

  2. Do not get out of the bed on the left foot. Get off on the right foot! If you want prosperity and good luck in everything you do, put your right foot down first when you get out of bed in the morning. And never look for the second shoe. Find them both, then put them on!

  3. Don't hide coins. Always keep a talisman, a silver coin right where you can see it. If you want to start a new project in your life, wait for the New Moon. You can also clean up your house then and and rearrange the furniture.

  4. Never leave pieces of bread on the table if you want to keep your happiness. Your home will not be prosper if you leave them on the table. Better feed the birds, the animals.

  5. If success has turned its back on you, put salt on all the windowsills in your home. When good luck returns, take the broom and sweep it all, without touching it with your hands, put it in a package and take it away from home or bury it.

  6. Don't brag about your good luck and success. If you tell anyone about your success and fortune, beat three times on something woody and spit three times over your left shoulder to avoid evil it.

  7. Don't keep broken mirrors in your house. To avoid bad luck, sprinkle it with a little water and then bury it in the ground. If someone inside your house has been sick for a long time or if there have been arguments, disagreements etc, wipe or sprinkle the mirror with holy water.

  8. Don't ever refuse the change when you're shopping. And don't give it to the poor or you'll risk poverty.

  9. Never receive an empty wallet as a gift. Ask the person to put a coin in it. When you buy a new wallet, put an expensive gold jewel there for a while. It will bring a lot of money and a lot of wealth. Put some mint leaves and a cinnamon powder inside your wallet. They attract money.

  10. Never put your bag on the floor.


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