Wolf Moon 2020

This decade started with a full moon on January 10th 2020. This is the first full moon of the year 2020. Named the wolf moon, it reflects the time when winter begins. This lunar eclipse is of important significance as it marks the end of the journey from The Event that started in July 2018 with a new super moon in cancer. That was the moment when we started a new chapter in our lives. It refers to healing, nurturing and taking care of ourselves. 

The wolf moon is also called the Moon after Yule, old moon, ice moon, and snow moon. 

The full moon takes place at last 10 degrees of Cancer, so this is a Cancer/Pieces full moon. What does this mean? 

This "Wolf Moon" is about our inner emotions, hidden feelings, introspection, dreams, hopes, secret wishes, self-analysis, re-evaluation, self-exploration. It's about reconnecting ourselves with our highest spirit, our true self, our highest being, our higher consciousness. We need to understand our connection with the Divine and the role our earthly character has to play in this dimension. With cancer energy, we can explore family history, ancestors, and origins. We may be curious about past events from our family, distant relatives, family traditions, love stories. 

If you are interested in past life regressions, this is the best moment. Your mind, soul, body, your full being is open for answers. Even the most sceptical people would enjoy such an experience during this time. 

This Wolf moon calls for a constant rediscovery of ourselves, it encourages us to share our deepest thoughts, emotions, feelings and even fears with someone we can fully trust. It encourages us to be vulnerable and to feel good about that. 

This full moon will occur in a specific location in your chart and in a particular relationship with different points in your chart It could be a conjunction, a square, opposition or the trine. It's also possible that this full moon will not form any of these relationships and its effect would be minimal. 

Don't forget that full moons are traditionally associated with irrational behaviour; you may want to step back from taking any sudden important decisions at this time.

But let's see what this wolf moon brings to each sign. 


The full moon eclipse brings major changes for you, dear areas. I see events occurring in your home environment and family-related issues. A chilly environment should be more advisable at the moment. Don't make family decisions now. 

There's also the possibility of reconsidering older projects around the house that could be a good source of income. Most likely something you have done before but chose to abandon in the past. Now you are thinking of restarting this project and making it work again. You are on the right path. Keep doing it even if you don't see the benefits instantly. You'll see the income later and can wear it in the spring season. 



This full moon affects your communication, misunderstandings can happen now more than ever. Make sure you understand your professional commitments and ask twice if necessary. Get your facts straight to avoid tensions at the office as much as possible. Pay attention to the way you deliver your message to your coworkers, superiors or clients.

Interesting encounters are possible and new favourable connections could develop for the future. 


The full moon brings you sudden funding. No need to worry financially. Focus on important values, especially on relationships with your loved ones. Events from the recent past have altered your spiritual beliefs and not necessarily in a good way. Time to re-evaluate everything in a new manner: in the grand scheme of the universe everything's perfect and so are you. And so is your life. No matter how unfair things may seem. 


This full moon will affect you more than any other sign. Your sensitive nature is now even more prominent. You have been growing so much in the past 2 years, you took your destiny into your hands. This full moon will guide you even more on the right path. You need to be the person you chose to be when enrolling in your journey on Earth. Just be true to yourself and others. This is all it takes. 


For more than half a year you've been trying to put things back in order. You've made some mistakes in the past due to your stubbornness. You have worked hard to repair his mistakes. You have probably taken extra jobs or a difficult job abroad just to set things straight. You are rewarded for this decision and things can only get better from now on. 

Fear of failure has been present deep down inside you due to these mistakes. What's important is that you acknowledge them and take action. You shouldn't be too hard on yourself anymore. Let yourself breathe. This full moon encourages you to be more confident. 


Projects initiated in 2019 are finally coming to an end. This full moon refines the last details and completes all the necessary steps. It's time to let go of this project. 

Do not avoid discussions with your coworkers but make sure there's no tension involved; stay away from big blows. 


In 2020 your main focus, dear Libra is the career. This full moon is a good opportunity to re-assess if you're making a difference in the world. Fulfil your true destiny, be true to who you are and what you want to do. 

On the other hand, don't forget to balance your professional life and your love life. 


You've been searching for meaning in the last couple of months. This wolf moon could finally reveal the answer. You felt like something was missing from your life. Now you could have a hint from the universe. You usually know what you want and you have no problem getting there, but something has been bothering you lately without being able to understand and what was it exactly. This full moon should make your perspective more clearly. You just have to listen, observe, open your eyes, your soul, your mind and your all being. You will finally get to the door of the truth. 


This full moon affects your finances and money. Sit down and trash out things seen as boring, calculate taxes, pay invoices, get clear on your financial life. Stay away from Investments for the moment. 


Intense relationships happen in the last couple of months and this full moon only stresses them out even bigger. Sudden outbursts may happen with your life partner, emotions are running wild. Clarify everything with your partner and don't make any big decisions right now. Be a little more patient and understanding as the full moon makes your emotions cloudy. The good news is you have validation at your workplace. Keep the project running. 


The new regime and fitness program is a positive change for your health. Use this full moon of energy to exercise even more. 

Be less tense at your workplace and don't give your coworkers a hard time. You can also treat unfair issues with elegance. 


If you are having relationship troubles during the January full moon, this could also be a relationship at work. You could reconsider keeping a friendship in a work environment. See if this is beneficial for you both. 

Your intuition is high. The moon is reflecting you in a way that is likely to bring clarity in many aspects of your life, especially in your love area. 

January's full moon is affecting us all to a degree on January 10th but we shouldn't forget some lessons that need to be learnt despite the setbacks that this full moon is generating. An eclipse can act as a life manager, it corrects things where needed, it encourages you to clean the house, the physical house and the spiritual one. Pay attention to your dreams around this time, they could act as past life memories, traumas and so on. Do not fear the Wolf Moon as it only puts us back on the right road. 

Tell us how this January full moon affects you. Has anything significant happened to you around January 10?

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