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Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope - October 2020

What's written in the stars for you this month, October 2020, dear sagittarius?

Sagittarius March, 2020 Monthly Horoscope

The astral context of March brings Sagittarius focus on love, professional area and relationships with the brothers.

In the first part of the month, the Sun travels through the home and family life sector; natives will try to solve a housing problem, rent, sell or buy.

The last decade is marked by the sentimental area, love relationships, relationships with children or a creative, artistic or sporting activity.

Venus, the planet of love, begins its transit through the Taurus sign of March 5th, in the House of work and health; working conditions or health can improve. At the same time, natives who want to change jobs have every chance this month to enter into some profitable contracts, which came suddenly and unexpectedly.

The Full Moon of March 9 is formed in the sign of Virgo in the House of career, professional ambitions, image and personal status; Sagittarius will see results of some kind, will be recognized merits of work done, they can be successful.

Since March 10, Mercury has returned direct and after three weeks in which the natives have reassessed family relationships or relatives, especially with the brothers, they can now make a decision concerning their home or a move.

The important astral event of the moon is Saturn's entry into Aquarius on March 22nd, into the House of communication, learning, knowledge accumulation, relationships with brothers, and these areas will be tested by July 2, when Saturn returns to Capricorn again.

On March 24, the New Moon takes place in Aries; a new phase begins in terms of in love relationships, artistic activities, the exploitation of a talent.

On March 30, Mars arrives in Aquarius alongside Saturn, newly entered into the house of communication and exchange of ideas. This helps in learning processes, vocational training, courses etc.

Sagittarius February, 2020 Monthly Horoscope

Short-distance travels to relatives or close friends will be common until February 19th. Conversations with your loved ones will delight your soul. Lots of information, interesting news and good new friends around you.

After 19 of the month, housework is required. You will have to take care of cleaning, interior redesign or the purchase and sale of goods.

Relationships with family members are not so easy, so it would be good to listen to their opinions as well.

Changes are emerging in the financial area, so it is possible to think of another job, or another professional direction.

It is best for now to focus on home and family only.

Sagittarius January, 2020 Monthly Horoscope

Jupiter, your ruler, and the planet of good fortune and abundance, has recently entered your 2nd House of earned income, on December 2, 2019 more precise and it will stay a year, until December 19, 2020. This is great news for Sagittarius. Your rewards are finally about to happen. Planets are still crowded in your 2nd House this January month so you are focused on making even more money now.

The full moon lunar eclipse will be in Cancer 20 degrees and impact your 8th House of money outside earned income (other people's money, inheritance, royalties, taxes, credits etc).

The big news for you this month is Mars moving in your own sign on January 3, staying until February 16. You will feel energetic and you'll take action! Physically and mentally. Abandoned projects are now restarted. New ones excite you. You have enough enthusiasm for new goals and determined to re-take the ones you've put aside for some time. It's been 2 years since you haven't had Mars in your sign so now it is more than welcome.

On the plus side Neptun is well posited for you, so if your business is a creative one this is your month. Your ideas are gold!

There's a new moon on January 24 in Aquarius 4 degrees that will positively impact your 3rd House of communication and short distance travel. Work on a new app, website, delivery/transportation business, this is where it's most beneficial.

This new moon in Aquarius is challenged by Uranus in Taurus though; it may cause sudden issues at your work place. Maybe subordinates or clients will give you a hard time. But don't worry, no matter what happens, your professional status is not affected with Mars signaling Mercury, the ruler of your 10th House or career & public recognition.

Venus enters Pisces, your home area, on January 13 to stay until February 7. Great days at home with your family members aside. You'll have a nice, relaxing, enjoyable time with them, you will feel really good at your home place during this time, dear Sagittarius!

What a great month for you. You're back in business with Mars' vitality and you're in total harmony at home with Venus!

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope Archive

Sagittarius December, 2019 Monthly Horoscope

This entire month will be about money reward. Money out of your own work!

In 2017 Saturn came and tightened your finances. The purpose was to teach you the value of money. This will change now.

Finally, on December 2 you enter a phase of finance reward that keeps going for the rest of 2020.

Prepare to see this change in income!

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