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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope - October 2020

What's written in the stars for you this month, October 2020, dear scorpio?

Scorpio March, 2020 Monthly Horoscope

The astral context of March brings the Scorpion natives focus on work activities, health status, sentimental area, relationships with friends and long-term plans.

Scorpios want to clarify a love relationship or analyze the possibilities by which they can harness a talent/vocation In the first part of the month.

They are concerned about work activities, projects and tasks in the last decade of the month.

Venus, the the planet of love, begins its transit through the Taurus sign of March 5th, in the House of relationships, marriage and partner relations/associations. This will bring harmony to couples but also good luck and chance to conclude profitable partnerships or associations. Single Scorpios may suddenly fall in love with people known through family or in an unexpected way, and those already in a relationship want to change something in the relationship, starting a new phase.

The Full Moon of March 9 is formed in the sign of Virgo, in the area of friendships, groups of which are part of projects and long-term plans. It is not excluded that a friendship turns into a love story or through a friend a native Scorpion meets a person with whom to start a relationship.

Since March 10, Mercury comes direct, first through the House of family and then through the 5th House, the House of love area.

The important astral event of the moon is Saturn's entry into Aquarius on March 22, in the House of family, relationships with parents or other members; these areas will be tested until July 2, when Saturn returns to Capricorn. Possibly Scorpios will remember their childhood, youth and some experiences or emotions that marked their lives will come to surface now.

On March 24, the New Moon takes place in Aries. This opens a new stage in current work activities, but also in the health area, where a healthy lifestyle is required. Natives who are looking for a job, could be contacted by an employer, who gives them more advantages than they now have.

On March 30, Mars arrives in Aquarius and alongside Saturn entered into the House of the family and living space, it will boost these areas. However, natives are advised to constructively use the energy of Mars and stay out of conflict with family members.

Scorpio February, 2020 Monthly Horoscope

It seems that your efforts and thoughts are directed more towards home and household chores, especially until February 19th. You are favored for repairs and communication with family members. There is news in this area, with long-term beneficial effects.

There is the option to purchase or sell real estate or even move to another location.

Love relationships are strained and only after 19 of the month they can be improved through constructive dialogue. An old love affair can fall apart.

On the other hand, it would be good if you channeled your energy into hobbies. Your creativity is heightened and you'd have every chance of creating real pieces of art.

You might want to engage in some risky adventures, so be cautious. Avoid getting others involved in your adventures, because you can permanently spoil good relationships.

Totally unexpected changes at your workplace.

Do not launch anything new!!!

Scorpio January, 2020 Monthly Horoscope

You seem to be driving more than usual this month and enjoy visiting friends and family. That's because your 3rd House (short-distance travels) is packed with planets. It seems like this trend is going to continue for the next months.

On January 13 Venus will enter Pisces until February 7, falling on your 5th House of love. Venus loves to be here so you will notice your loved one will be more affectionate to you.

Single Scorpios could meet someone on January 15. If you are already in a relationship, this is a good day to talk to your partner about any sensitive matter.

January 27 is also a great day for romantic pursuits.

Mars will move into Sagittarius on January 3 - February 16, you will spend more than usual, probably stuff that you've wanted for some time: new clothes or home objects, something like that.

On January 24, I see spending on home-related purposes, you'll want to improve your domestic presence. Uranus will be sending unpleasent aspects to the new moon of January 24, so you may suddenly find out that your partner doesn't agree with your plans, creating difficulties.

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope Archive

Scorpio December, 2019 Monthly Horoscope

This month is about communication!

Jupiter, the planet of good luck and abundance will enter Capricorn on December 2, 2019 until December 19, 2020, falling in your 3rd House of communication, brothers, sisters, communication, technology, short distance travel.

The solar eclipse from December 25/26 will also focus your 3rd House of communication.

Mars will be in Scorpio all December month until January 3rd 2020, this means you will be filled with energy and courage! And a bit of agressiveness.

December 22 is a day when you'll present yourself with great personality and vitality; looks like you should keep a toast!

On December 27, the Sun and Jupiter will be conjunct in Capricorn, your communications and travel sector. Your 3rd House is also associated with travel so any short trip you might be doing now should be really fun!

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