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Virgo Monthly Horoscope - October 2020

What's written in the stars for you this month, October 2020, dear virgo?

Virgo March, 2020 Monthly Horoscope

The astral context of March brings the Virgo natives focus on relationships, financial area, administration of finances they share with their partner or other third parties, workplace activities and certificates/diplomas.

For the first part of the month, personal and professional relations are the most active, supported by the Sun

The last decade activates even more the financial sector, also inheritances, administration of acquired assets, but also the intimate life. As a number of heavy planets are in the love sector, also energized by the presence of the Sun on the personal & intimate relationships, Virgos will be more interested in life as a couple, spending more time with the partner and reviving their passion as a couple. Single Virgos become bolder and take the initiative if they like a person.

Venus, the planet of love, begins its transit through the Taurus sign of March 5th, through the House of travel, studies, the relationship with people abroad, of personal principles and values. So, as Venus is responsible for love, Virgos have every chance of falling in love on a journey, a delegation for work, at the airport or at a seminar/ course.

The Full Moon on March 9 is formed in the sign of Virgo, in the House of their personality and announces a personal success. At the same time, Virgos may be tempted to continue a relationship with someone from the past, but the stars advise them not to return in the past, but look at what the future holds for them.

From March 10th, since Mercury returns direc, the natives will escape the confusion they felt in the last three weeks and can take decisions about a job or a collaboration.

The important astral event of the moon is Saturn's entry into Aquarius on March 22 in the House of work and health; and these areas will be tested until July 2, when Saturn returns back to Capricorn. Some natives will begin to reassess their professional situation, while others will be rewarded by Saturn for their work.

On March 24, the New Moon takes place in Aries, which indicates new phase in the administration of an inheritance, sums of money or valuables.

On March 30, Mars arrives in Aquarius and alongside Saturn, newly entered into the house of work and health, it will bring them a lot of action in making long-term personal plans.

Virgo February, 2020 Monthly Horoscope

You will work a lot to avoid some other aspects of your life until the 19th of the month. You will be tempted to work hard, especially as the premises of a new activity is foreseen.

Work relationships are pleasant and fruitful.

Health is not so great, so it's good to dose your efforts.

Love relationships are stronger in the second part of the month.

Some new professional collaborations are possible.

On a personal level you will have to talk with your life partner about the common goals and actions. There are possible animosities in any type of collaboration.

Be careful, because it's not what it looks like! There are few people around you who deserve your attention, your efforts and your confidence.

The financial segment is vulnerable, especially in terms of money and shared goods. It is good to check your current payment situation and avoid investments of any kind.

Virgo January, 2020 Monthly Horoscope

You'll take advantage of new opportunities coming your way in January, Virgos!

You have five planets Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, Saturn, and Pluto in your 5th House, the house of love, creativity, children, hobbies, relaxing time.

If you're a woman trying to get pregnant this is a great time for you to conceive.

Mars, the energetic planet, will be in Sagittarius, your 4th House of home and family, starting January 3 until February 16. Your house will be "noisy". Your family members could easily start a fight so watch out!

January 23 is good for single people dating , while January 15, 25 and 26 is favourable for you and your loved one..

Venus in Pisces is bringing you even more love from January 13 until February 7.

The eclipse on January 10 is a full moon lunar eclipse in Cancer, filling your 11th House of friendship. You'll probably attent a big party or you'll be surrounded by friendly people. Help from friends is possible.

Do not sign papers on January 28. Nepun can be misleading.

The new moon of January 24 is in Aquarius at 4 degrees in your 6th House of work projects but also a house that rules the health and fitness. You can start a new project now or even a fitness program. You could also have you annual medical exam now.

On January 24 during an aspect formed by Uranus a sudden issue may arise. Backup your computers, websites, data etc. This aspect may also impact stuff that you share with your co-workers.

Overall, a busy month sweetened by the planets from your 5th House which should make this an easy, enoyable month for you, dear Virgos!

Virgo Monthly Horoscope Archive

Virgo December, 2019 Monthly Horoscope

You have one of the most positive forecasts for December of any sign of the zodiac, Virgos!

You will have Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, the Sun and new moon eclipse all into Capricorn, your 5th House of love, passion, hobbies, creativity, arts.

Jupiter will remain in your sector of Love for the next year, until December 2020.

If you are single, this is the most lucky aspect you could have to meet someone. If you are already in a relationship, your connection will grow on a new level.

Pregnancy is very much possible during this time!

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