Yearly Horoscope

2020 Aquarius Horoscope

It is a crazy year for you, dear Aquarians, many changes are foreseen in the year 2020 for you: love life, career, finances.

The planets are posited in such a way for you that they ask action for any small or big change around. This is exciting for your impulsive nature though.

Relationships will revamp. Your personal life will be re-evaluated. Past flames may come to your attention again. Take them or leave them, don't stay in between.

You will redefine your plans, adjust to the circumstances, determine new chances, and eventually get what you desire. Your ambition and enthusiasm will be your allies even with all challenges and risks coming along.

Aquarius will be evolving a lot in their career life in the year 2020. Big changes are about to happen. The spring of 2020 could involve a relocation if this is what you wish for. You will adapt yourself pretty quickly to this new environment. The Great Teacher Saturn will assist you to make some serious planning for the future of your career.

You will be satisfied with all your professional achievements in 2020. Keep working hard and be as patient as possible with your clients and business partners. You still have some issues with the way you handle communication with them. And enemies, competitors, even potential partners tend to bring trouble in 2020.

You are so well known for nonconformity and need for permanent change. But is this helpful when it comes to securing your partnerships? This is not your strong suit in 2020 either and you could see losses in this area. You still have lessons to learn. Maybe in 2020, you will start to understand and appreciate past love relationships.

The planets predict the return of some old passion back into your life. And old wounds might come with it, beware. Your emotional health is up to you through the year 2020. Count on your friends or family for advice on relationships.

Single Aquarians may encounter a complicated relationship/love affair early in 2020 which demands attention. But chances are it will not last anyway. An interesting romantic experience (and a more serious one) could happen after June. That special one you've always dreamt about is about to shake your being in 2020. It could be a past love or it could be someone new. They want a solid commitment, but what about you? I know routine is not for you, but have a clear plan for the future of your romantic life as well.

You've met a lot of good people throughout your life but your rebellious nature pushed them away. What are you going to do with this amazing love opportunity the Universe is bringing you on 2020? It's up to you. Determine who you are. What do you want?

2020 is extremely profitable financially. You have been acting on earnings for the past couple of years so now fruits come to you from all the possible sources. You have big sales, recognition, promotion and a good monetary flow. It is a satisfying year financially.

You will feel accomplished in terms of finances throughout the year, but especially halfway through when something major is happening.

Don't be too extravagant even if the Universe is generous with you. I know you believe money is just to serve one's desires but you have obligations that you need to honor first, so curb your spending urges.

Great changes are happening in 2020 for you, dear Aquarians. Follow the vortex of life wisely and enjoy the year!