Yearly Horoscope

2020 Capricorn Horoscope

Since December 19, 2017, Saturn is in your sign, dear Capricorns and I know how hard this is for you! It's a transit of personal significance but as with any important transformation, the lessons are severe.

You may feel discouraged or let down but know that if you feel so, it's something you haven't yet learnt from the great teacher Saturn. Saturn will reinforce this feeling even more until you reach that point where you admit to yourself what you are doing wrong.

You should stop making others accountable for your own destiny when this is not headed in the right direction and taking all the credit when it is. This is what Saturn is trying to tell you! Find your inner strength and don't wait for others to validate yourself. You should be the one to make your life better!

Remember, if you are not happy with your life, it's nobody's fault. Your dear ones may have put a distance between you and them in the past 2 years just because of that. You are asking too much from them and too little from yourself. Finding excuses for yourself and constantly being demanding with others is not fair. This is deeply wrong and Saturn punishes this behaviour until you see it.

Saturn finishes up its transit in your 1st house on December 17, 2020. Let's see if you pass its test! If this transit will be successful and you will understand all of this, you will be rewarded for life. You could create the world you have longed to live in!

You are likely to get married due to the positive aspects of Jupiter and Saturn!

If you are already in a relationship, you've have probably experienced a period of emotional insecurity and shared affection in the last 2 years. Well, in 2020 you will find that they were proven inaccurate. You worried for nothing! It was you that one that pushed your love partner away not the other way around. But rest assured, by mid-summer your emotional happiness and security will be proven once again. The relationship will be taken to a next level such as reunions (for long distant relationships), moving in together, getting married or having a baby.

Follow your intuition and let your dear ones know your feelings, thoughts, plans, ideas because you will not be disappointed. The feedback will be positive! Harmony and affection would prevail in your love life all through the year.

If you are single someone from your entourage may become your romantic partner in 2020. Do you know anyone who would fit this position?

No matter if you are single or in a relationship, you love life will be fabulous! One note though: be careful about the negative influence of your family members. Huge conflicts with some of your relatives may occur at the end of the spring.

You can travel abroad and even settle there if this is something you've been thinking seriously about.

The first few months of the year 2020 are not very dramatic for your career, not too many changes but no setbacks either!

However, in the mid-summer of 2020 new alliances or business partnerships may be formed with results coming into focus by early fall.

Capricorns who have been looking for jobs for a long time will finally get a permanent one for sure in 2020.

The best part of the year for your career will be toward the end when aspects are positive for a change if you decide to make one, or for a promotion/new business agreement if possibe.

If you are a student you will do great in exams If you apply for interviews you will be in top positions. Same for any other competitions.

It's expected a boost in the flow of money during the year 2020 for Capricorns after September. You will find your income level increased. Travelling, IT, Engineering are favoured.

Freelancers are looking for new ways to expand their financial inflows but pay attention! Invest time and work instead of money! Investing money is not a good idea in 2020. Or at least not after some really serious deliberation. Do not take high risks, do not apply for credit loans to invest. And read contracts carefully!

Money that is due to you for quite a long time now could be recovered in 2020.

Overall, dear Capricorns, due to the influence of Saturn you are still embarked on the difficult but beautiful journey of self-discovery and self-transformation with all the tough lessons that come with it. But in 2021, if you do well, this will leave you stronger, more confident, more capable, wiser and rewarded for life!