Yearly Horoscope

2020 Gemini Horoscope

Your spiritual transformation started 2 years ago but in 2020 goes even deeper, dear Gemini!

Meditation, exercises, prayers, NDE studies, they have all been part of your transformation in the last couple of years. You are in a relationship with yourself and it feels wonderful. Your Mercurian state of being is now perfectly complimented by the way you feel and perceive your spiritual being.

You are in touch with your higher being! It's amazing the way you managed to achieve such spiritual enlightenment with such an analytical mind that you are known for!

You feel empowered, strong, independent, confident, you feed yourself emotionally, you are enough for yourself and don't rely on people to validate you anymore.

No one can put your confidence and self-worth down no matter how damaging they are. This is beautiful.

You will feel even more courageous and spirited in 2020, you will feel there is even more "out there" for you to take in. The smaller issues will not stress you out any more, you will see the greater perspective in your life and you will be your own cheerleader and supporter. Your views are changing, they are mature, constructive and positive!

2020 will be a good year for publishing, writing, and media. If your projects are related to this field you will do excellent. If you are a writer your book will be published.

You will meet foreign people, visit foreign places, or meet someone significant through it. Possibly studies abroad or special training, learning courses.

The Universe will test if some aspects of your life are built on a strong foundation. Things to check are related to shared finances, property, money, intimacy. The strong ones will strengthen, the weak ones may crack.

Physical appearance, body, image and independence are your major focus in the second half of 2020. You will take care of this a lot and the results will be noticed!

From January 3rd to February 15th, 2020, Mars brings its fireworks in the partnership area. If single you can be more courageous in your pursuit of a person or a relationship, or someone could be pursuing you with passion!

Dear single Geminis you may encounter interesting romantic proposals from unusual sources and circumstances: distant love affairs, older lovers, younger lovers, foreign countries, different cultural backgrounds and so on.

You could change your activity domain or switch to a new branch of the same domain activity. Or at least you may want to adjust to some workplace changes or, worst-case scenario, undesirable duties.

The second half of 2020 is a good period for your financial area, dear Gemini. But stay away from spending too much in the first half of 2020. Care more about your needs and less about your desires now.

Your efforts will be fruitful in the second half of 2020 if you commit enough to your new project. You will get rewarded for what you work for but hard work is still a necessity. Use your tenacity, knowledge and mental energy. These are your native qualities anyway.

Money owed you from a work done way in the past have a good chance to arrive during October and November.

Enjoy 2020, dear Gemini. You have worked so intense for the last couple of years and you deserve to enjoy the fruits of your hard labor!