Yearly Horoscope

2020 Leo Horoscope

You're in for new-found opportunities in 2020, dear Leos. With enough stamina throughout the year, you will be more efficient than the last year.

You will see your ideals closer in 2020. Some of your long-held dreams become reality as the year moves on. However, your emotional temper would be brought to light more than before. Well, that's what happens when you have too much energy, right?

If you had to deal with some property issues last year, everything will settle down in 2020, especially after March. By this time you should be closing all the remaining property issues.

Think twice before a hasty decision is taken if you want to buy or sell a property. I know some of you haven't felt quite at "home" at your home place lately. Probably too many repairings to do. Few people to count on, or less money to cover the expenses... Don't worry. 2020 will clear everything up.

Increased opportunities for employment are predicted for you, dear Leo, in 2020.

Work is available for you everywhere and you'll find more joy at your workplace. Be confident that you can handle the new projects. Saturn's transit will help keep you be in line and productive. Go for it, but watch out, don't overload because you will feel a little overwhelmed. Eat healthily and rest! Stay in perfect balance because you need more energy than ever.

If you are in a position to hire people it will be successful.

The second half of the year is the most rewarding in terms of career, especially with business partners and new contracts!

When it comes to relationships whether it's with your friends or family you could make many compromises this year. If you're married you could see your partner in a new light. Or you could find something about them. About their nature.

Single Leos would be happier with dating in rather than committing in 2020. A strings-free relationship would probably be enough for you.

You will attract people who want to help and who are genuinely interested in you.

Special attention to the end of 2020 when Jupiter and Saturn align in your partnership house: Jupiter expands, Saturn contracts but when these planets come together, we make beneficial, useful, practical things happen! Partnerships are stronger, new alliances are made, business agreements become clear, positive and solid.

You could achieve something you've been longing for some time now with the help of a special someone in your life.

Any partnership accomplished during this time is auspicious, bringing good fortune.

This year you will be more inclined to save than to spend. You will take care of your budget more than you had in the last couple of years.

Since your career is so well aspected, your income could improve also from earnings that you determine through your work.

But some of you could gain just through luck or inheritances.

Around June-July, expect a good financial inflow.

Enjoy 2020, dear Leos. Some of your long-held dreams become reality as the year moves on...