Yearly Horoscope

2020 Scorpio Horoscope

This is an amazing year to focus on your plans, projects, ideas. And it will continue for the next 2 years! New things you were planning by the end of the last year can be accomplished in 2020. Your good luck is following you throughout the year, mostly in the financial area.

January 3rd, Mars enters Sagittarius, falling on your 2nd house, until February 16th.

The 2nd house is the house of money earned through your work, but also personal values and self-worth. With a Sagittarius Mars, your work will be motivated by your ideals. You may become quickly border by the routine, so you will tend to start a new exciting project, but may also abandon it shortly. Probably because you set your sights too high.

You certainly have great energy during this time to make money, but also to stand up for yourself and your values. Don't like your job anymore? Afraid to let your family know about that? Not anymore, not with Mars on your 2nd house. You are ready to confront everyone and everything to pursue the values you care about.

This can be a positive resourceful time when you could make the most of what you have. You'll have much enthusiasm in new money-making projects or for pushing forward the existing ones.

You may find yourself in the position to prove yourself your self-worth (or to others) using money and possessions. Pay attention to ownership conflicts during this transit, they could easily arise. Also, beware of expenses! Stay away from impulse buying, avoid as much as possible using credit right now!

Saturn is in your 3rd House rules brothers, sisters, relatives, communication, transport, travelling, basically everything that Mercury rules.

It may seem harder at the beginning, but this influence will eventually teach you to express your mind more effectively, to develop a mature communication, to think before you speak, to actually "feel" the power of words and will express feelings tactfully. You will find yourself more organized (yes, this is possible!) and you will think more practically.

If you have issues with brothers, sisters, relatives, neighbours, Saturn brings them back to your attention now.

Caution is recommended when dealing with new contracts because any agreement made now will be binding for a long time.

Pay attention to negative thinking, this transit can bring anxiety or feelings of depression depending on other aspects in the transit chart.

Overall, even though Saturn seems hard to take regardless of the transiting house, the great teacher always helps you to grow up and evolve in that area of life.

Till 29th March 2020, Jupiter will be posited in its own sign Sagittarius, your 2nd house.

This transit brings growth in what you value. Do you value money and material possessions? Then this is what you will try to increase. Are your values rather moral or spiritual? Then you will search for ways to expand this area of your life.

If money is your focus, during this time you will boost your income earned through your own work. You could clear your past debts and you could purchase something major. There is also an undoubted sense of feeling worthy and great energy for attracting money during this time.

On 29th March, Jupiter will transit in Capricorn, your 3rd house and will remain there till 30th June 2020.

Saturn's transit in 3rd house is accompanied by Jupiter. You may spend more time travelling and daily communications will probably increase. You could be more active on social media and grow your circle of friends.

If you are single, you will have many love affairs but you will stay single. You will be content with things as they are, you don't want want to commit or tie yourself down in 2020. In fact, you will not event attract people that are marriage material. It's like you are still experiencing what you really want in love. You could meet new people in "domestic" circumstances such as family gatherings, family connections, you get the idea.

Dear Scorpio single ladies, caution! You could easily get pregnant!

If you are already in a relationship, you will be in the same relationship at the end of the year with the possibility of marriage.

The context will not change too much in your love/relationship area but that is not necessarily a bad thing. You see it as maintenance of your status quo and you are happy about that.

If you are in a second or even third marriage, you will go through some hardships, you will see the "reality" as it is, the true "colours" of your partner, but if there is still love, if things work out, then your marriage will survive anything after that.

It's quite a good year in your career! You can get new work or achieve success in your existing one. You will feel motivated, energized, self-worthy and satisfied in your career.

If you are working in IT or any field related to internet communication, you are favoured. Also, short distance travels for work will contribute to your professional success. You could be also transferred to a new location (?).

From 17th August to 16th September 2020 your 10th House is shining, you will be in a position of authority and power. If you work in a profession that requires these qualities, such as a Government job or as a lawyer you will simply shine.

The presence of Jupiter in your 2nd House will get you the best support of your colleagues and boss at your workplace. If you are working as an employee, high chances of getting a promotion are between 17th August to 4th October 2020.

If you are a freelancer/working from home, this is a positive year for your existing projects but new ones as well. You will get new contracts possibly through some family connections. You will follow your own schedule and deadlines with great energy and success!

If you have invested in properties, 2020 will be fruitful. You will get your rewards.

Overall, 2020 is a good year for your career, better than in 2019.

2020 is an interesting year because you will make money from all directions, some expected some totally new. You might get showered with some unforeseen profit in your business which attracts the flow of money towards you. Travelling will also bring you good financial gains with it.

Pay attention, due to this good financial position your expenses might be out of control. This is part of a lesson that teaches you to handle the money in a positive way. Speculative investment is also not wise. It may bring sudden and unexpected financial losses so stay away from it. Also, do not lend money in 2020, especially to your siblings with Saturn is placed in your 3rd House. Chances are you will not get your money back!

So no more money issues in 2020! You will earn a big profit in your business and you will clear all your debts. But spend your money wisely and stay away from new investments, do not take risks!

Overall the year 2020 looks good for the Scorpio. Are you ready for it?!