Yearly Horoscope

2020 Taurus Horoscope

Guided by Jupiter’s positive influences, 2020 will be a good year for you, dear Taurus!

In 2020 you, you'll get your peaceful life back since you had to deal with so many changes last year.

You will have to take some important decisions though regarding your profession/relationships, but no worries, you will follow the right path to rebuild your life positively.

Saturn "forces" you to adhere to rules that may seem harsh, but you will complete all your goals even with Saturn's restrictive energy. All your efforts are rewarded. Hard work pays off.

Stay flexible and open-minded. You will be in the most shining spotlight at some point in 2020. Make the most of it!

Have you been seeing anyone special for some time now? It's possible to take the next step now.

After some periods of turbulence, many of you will finally be relieved in 2020. Even more, deeper interactions are expected in 2020 - especially after March. Deep changes are taking place on a subtle level. Significant decisions in key relationships may arise in late March-early April. But stay patient, calm and balanced because these decisions will only be solved in the late summer. Late summer/early fall will be the right moment for making key decisions about new life partners and fresh commitments. Saturn will make you analyze every single decision you make.

Taurus already in a relationship are taking their love life to a new high. You are leaving the tensions of 2019 behind. You learn from your mistakes, you are less stubborn, wiser, emotionally more mature, refined and affectionate. Taurus usually want their partners up close at all time, but this year you will come closer to your partner than ever. You will take your relationship to a new level. Including taking your partner to the altar.

Married Taurus will stay happily married in 2020.

Single Taurus will look for a serious relationship in 2020. The desire to settle down with someone will be strong that you will likely avoid people who aren't ready to commit, who aren't real. You will look for genuine, authentic, caring partners. Love, more than pleasure and passion, is what you need in 2020. And no worries, your usual charm will be present. You will experience new interesting romantic proposals. You will attract someone willing to makes plans with you, yes, you will find someone to live with. You will probably talk about moving together, marriage or children.

Most of the 2020 year will be well focused on your professional area.

If you are working in sales they are most likely getting a boost in 2020.

Taurus interested in studying are encouraged to use 2020 for this task.

Promotion is possible.

Your finances should improve greatly, better than the last 2 years. Money is a strongly energized area throughout 2020, especially in the last quarter. A more stable environment is foreseen and savings will become easier. The level of security that bank accounts and savings bring to you is comforting.

Your relatives could ask you for money; help them if this is possible, but don't over-extend yourself.

The second part of the year is a period of luck and fortune.

Dear Taurus, use the influence of Jupiter to boost your potential in 2020! Develop your individuality with the help of Uranus and Saturn. Be excited about the great year of 2020 when your finances, career and relationships are significantly improved!