Yearly Horoscope

2021 Gemini Horoscope

With Jupiter and Saturn in transit in the 9th house ( thoughts, philosophies, religion, travelling) Geminis have a lot of energy in 2021 to cultivate their intellect to self development, to change perspective over essential things that guide their existence.

Studies in higher education are favored, research programs are also favored, as well as publishing activities. Also interactions with other cultures and mentors which are willing to help you in getting to know yourself better and exceed your limits to overcome prejudices are foreseen in 2021.

The year 2021 gives you options to spread your intellectual area and to enrich your knowledge. Curiosity may be channeled with the help of Saturn energy in a way that leads too intellectual achievements well-structured. Also Saturn helps Gemini to become much more realistic as far as projects , dreams and expectations are concerned.

Uranus, the governor of the 9th house of Gemini, transits the 12th house for a long time ( 2019 to 2026), and during 13- 22 January 2021 it shapes a tensed aspect with Jupiter. During 6 February - 3 March, 1- 26th June and 16- 24th December, Uranus forms squares with Saturn. These are the most appropriate phases of time when you can abandon some specific old beliefs ( especially in the economical area) which are no longer functional. It's possible to conclude that some theories and concepts that you used to cling on are no longer practical in the current real life.

New information challenges your cognitive dissonance and forces you to get out from your comfort zone.

Some people might accuse you that you "say one thing and do another" and that it's time you should also do what you preach. Well, who could blame them, right?

Some Geminis could face real cultural, religious or philosophical shock awakenings that could shake their personality and cause major changes, profound changes in their spirit. The way they see the world, the way they see life itself could be morphed essentially. If you're thinking of starting a spiritual research, or if in a way or another life pushes you to a fool introspection, to explore the spiritual part of this life we advise you to carefully choose a mentor, to make sure your energy is well balanced in the most optimal direction.

Travelling is interesting for Geminis in 2021, unexpected events can come out of this there may be also limitations which could cause you discomfort. We already know this pandemic limits travelling so maybe it's nothing to worry about. On the other hand it's possible that on a vacation trip you will experience a profound event (a spiritual one most likely ) in such a way that when you get back home you're a new "you".

The solar eclipse on 10th June 2021 helps Geminis to re-invent themselves especially mentally (that's because the Sun rules III house of Geminis ). You're conceptions, ideas, opinions will be revolutionized. You get the chance to see yourself in a new perspective.

The 12th house of Geminis is emphasized by a moon eclipse on 19th November 2021. This can help you explore you inner life and analyse personal values, to discover the personal truth, to reconnect with yourself with your own physical emotional spiritual and intellectual needs.

Mercury, Geminis ruler, retrogrades through 12th house during 13 January - 21 February, and through the 1st house during 30 May - 23 June. This means you have a lot of work to do with yourself in all aspects of your life.

Until 2023 Pluto is in the 8th house of Gemini (intimacy, shared assets, taxes, credits, inheritance, transformations). This long transit started in 2008. If Geminis accept this inner transformation they will notice a positive change. Don't fight it. Embrace it!