New Moon in Pisces, Sunday - 23rd February 2020

The New Moon in Pisces is taking place on Sunday February 23, 2020. What does this mean for you?

The Sun is already in Pisces since February 19, its last destination before closing the journey through the 12 zodiacs started on March 20, 2019 and thus the astrological year.

It is a New Moon accompanied by Mercury retrograde in this sign but also by Neptune right at home in Pisces.

The New Moon in Pisces is also conjunct Mercury retrograte, it's sextil Uranus and and Mars.

Mars is the "action" planet. Its sextil New Moon will push us forward to make some new decisions that didn't seem logical before. These decisions will release us from something.

Uranus is Mercury's superior octave. If Mercury deals with the way we percieve the world, Uranus is our divine mind and the absolute intelligence of the Universe.

When the New Moon is in Pisces, we can bypass the human mind and have direct connection with the universal divine mind, so expect miracles, opportunities and situations that never even cross your mind before!

New Moon Conjunct Mercury - What does this mean?

We'll want to start something new because, as we know, the New Moon is coming up with new beginnings; on the other hand Mercury is retrograde so it's not in its best position; also, it's in Pisces, even worse. This is why we may feel confused and wandering in different directions.

But things aren't what they seem to be - which is why you need time to do your research.

Since we're in the mystical Pisces season, this "research" doesn't have to be conventional.

Meditate. Look for signs. Ask the spiritual guides and the forces of the universe to help you the path that is best for you.

Magic is everywhere, you just have to open your eyes.

The Sabian symbol of the New Moon in Pisces suggests a church in the middle of a bazaar – that is, the fact that God, faith and divine support are always present even in the midst of the most mundane and human activities.

The New Moon in Pisces of February 23, 2020 is a wonderful reminder of this supreme truth.

What does the New Moon in Pisces mean for each astrological sign?


Expect the unexpected because this New Moon can miraculously impact your world. Get ready for a surprise. Keep and open mind and heart. It's exactly the kind of cosmic shake you need to get you out of the slowness brought by retrograde Mercury. It's a new motivation through an unexpected opportunity.


Let yourself be fully inspired on this New Moon! It will bring you some potential opportunities for social connection. Under the New Moon in Pisces, if you establish or strengthen contacts with a group or someone you admire, you will be able to collect the benefits and consistent rewards. Be social! If you don't expose yourself out there in the world, who's going to see you?


Your creative vision is clear now and it's time to share it with the world. This New Moon brings you a sweet opportunity to make a bold move towards your dreams. It will open up an amazing time to plan a meeting and share a vision or idea with business partners or superiors. Watch the magic unfold.


This New Moon wants you to expose yourself to the world and experience what life has to offer you at this time. You may feel like you're just ready to explore new places and new scenes as you're inspired by the greatness and adventurous spirit of this New Moon. It could make you creative and enthusiastic. Be open to the magical synchronicities of life.


This New Moon brings you a strange, yet wonderful gist: a psychic and paranormal sense to detect exactly what you need at this time, to heal and to grow spiritually. Listen to your higher self. Some desires can come to your consciousness now. These days, if you allow yourself to do some deeper soul research, will be not only fascinating but also extremely revealing.


Partnerships weigh hard in your mind now and this New Moon is the perfect time to send extra energy to those areas to develop exactly those relationships the way you want them to be. The New Moon in Pisces will bring you the desire for a new beginning in a specific partnership. Whether it's business or romantic, you can lay the foundation for a road full of further emotional satisfaction.


It's time to refresh your daily routine. You may wonder if your current routine habits work to the fullest for your own good. Do you eat enough, sleep enough or do you have to change your habits? Regardless of the answer, there's no better time than this New Moon to organize a fresh start. Now you have a chance to start a new habit,a healthier one, with confidence and strength.


You feel sexy, free, creative and want to simply have fun, so let your magic shine with this New Moon. Expect days of artistic inspiration but also that kind of sexual connection to help you release a stagnant energy. Just relax and have a good time. This will help your creative flow.


Spend these days under the New Moon reconnecting with your roots. Its energy, along with that of Venus, the planet of love and Jupiter, your ruler, brings light and awareness of your deepest needs and desires, turning them into the most interesting revelations for you.


This New Moon serves as a reminder to put work aside and give yourself some time for you. Spend these days to learn something new, but not about your work... about your soul.


Here's an amazingly great opportunity to manifest and show new personal intentions on this New Moon, so connect to its energy and focus on your dreams. With so much positive planetary energy activated in your money and possession sector, you can manifest anything you want. But show appreciation for what you already have – it will bring you even more abundance in the way.


This is your New Moon, the Sun is in your sign, it's your time, which means it's that phase of year to reinvent yourself. With Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter and even Uranus supporting this wonderful New Moon energy that manifests itself in your mystical and spiritual sign, it would be a great shame not to profit. Gather all your troops and go for everything that brings gold and good into your life. The planets are cooperating, so make magic happen!